700 Global Organizations Call for an End to War

June 5th, 2021 - by Members of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

The Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe

A New Summit in 2025 in CSCE Spirit

To: The governments and parliaments of Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Russia
From: Members of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe

THE BALTIC SEA REGION (June 3, 2021) — We, over 130 representatives of non-governmental organizations in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region, warmly welcome the extremely urgent proposal of the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, to organize a new summit in CSCE spirit (Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe) between the major powers in connection with the 50th anniversary of OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe).

The Final Act was signed in Helsinki in 1975. The President believes that a new summit could calm the growing tensions between the major powers.

According to President Niinistö, the international situation is not necessarily as bad as it seems. Behind the facade there are also attempts to find solutions. Niinistö believes that in this situation Finland could have the capacity to act as a mediator because the country has a direct discussion relationship with all major powers.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin expressed support for the proposal on Finnish television and stated that she shares the president’s concerns about the tense situation between the major powers.

In January 2021, Sweden took over the chairmanship of the OSCE. Foreign Minister Ann Linde then stated that Sweden will during the year work to strengthen the important role of the OSCE in contributing to security in the region.
“For Sweden and all other participating states, the commitments that underlie the OSCE are the cornerstones of our common security. … Threats to international peace and security and the suffering that conflicts entail are unacceptable. That is why we must continue to keep the work for a solution to the conflicts in our region at the top of our agenda. “

In this very spirit, we assume that Sweden will give its full support to the proposal for a new OSCE summit in 2025.

In 190 countries, nearly 700 organizations and over 75,000 people have signed a pledge to commit to peace and to support non-violent activities to end all wars and preparations for war and to create a lasting and just peace (World BEYOND War). War and militarism kill, injure and traumatize adults, children and infants, destroy the environment, erode civil liberties and undermine countries’ economies.

Countless appeals and letters have been published by former high-ranking politicians and NATO leaders, non-governmental organizations, groups of prominent people in various professions, peace researchers and others calling on world leaders to sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW).

Research groups and peace organizations around the world are calling for dialogue between the major powers instead of gun rattling and twisted threats and present proposals for how such a dialogue could be conducted and how trust could be built through open and inclusive cooperation. Humanitarian and peace-promoting  organizations advocate demilitarization in favor of global sustainable and equal development.

Finland and Sweden have traditionally acted as initiators of peace and disarmament.
Former Finnish President Urho Kekkonen twice, in 1963 and 1978, proposed a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Nordic region. Sweden’s former Prime Minister Olof Palme in his Piteå speech in 1974 presented the demand for a nuclear-weapon-free Europe. It was a life-affirming demand, which led to the work for a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Nordic region.

In the Nordic Council demands have been made for such a zone. Unfortunately, no nuclear-weapon-free zone was established in the Nordic region or the Baltic Sea region.

Today, both countries have an increasingly close collaboration with NATO and the United States which has led to increased tensions in the Nordic and Baltic region.

Nuclear weapons are a key component of NATO’s deterrence and defense policy and the United States has nuclear weapons deployed in Europe. Both USA and Russia are modernizing their nuclear arsenals.

The American corporation Lockheed Martin has been commissioned to manufacture a ground-launched intermediate-range hypersonic weapons system with a range of 500 -5 500 km. Such missiles, able to reach Moscow, will most likely be deployed in Poland or Romania.

Russia also builds hypersonic intermediate-range missiles but they would be launched from Russian territory and cannot reach Washington.

Such missiles were prohibited by the Treaty on Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) signed by Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan in 1987.  The risks thus increase considerably that a nuclear war between USA and Russia could take place in Europe.

In a nuclear war, however, all are losers. It does not matter whether it takes place in Europe or elsewhere.

A new OSCE summit is not only welcome, it is crucial for the future of Europe and the planet.

Signatures from the Nordic and the Baltic Sea countries:

  • Aarhus mod Krig og Terror (Aarhus against War and Terror) – Denmark
  • Aldrig Mere Krig (War Resisters’ International in Denmark) – Denmark
  • Aktionsgemeinschaft Dienst für den Frieden (AGDF) – Germany
  • Amandamaji ry. –  Finland
  • Antinuclear Society of Tataria – Tatarstan, Russia
  • Association of Veterans of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant – Lithuania
  • Attac Hamburg – Germany
  • Bestemødrene for Fred (Grandmothers for Peace) – Norway
  • Bike for Peace and New Energies e. V. –  Germany
  • Bremer Friedensforum  (Bremen Peace Forum) – Germany
  • Bund für Soziale Verteidigung e.V. (Federation for Social Defense) – Germany
  • Danish National Pugwash Group – Denmark
  • Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft-Vereinigte KriegsdienstgegnerInnen) (German Peace Society – United War Resisters), Baden-Württemberg – Germany
  • Die Feministische Partei DIE FRAUEN  (Feminist Party) – Germany
  • Ecodefense – Moskva, Russia
  • Emmaus Åland r.f.  – Finland
  • ENLW – Ecological North West Line
  • Sankt Petersburg, Russia
  • Estonian Green Movement – Estonia
  • Faya Mukhamadeeva United Nature Conservation Brigade Kazan –  Russia
  • Folkkampanjen mot kärnkraft-kärnvapen (Peoples’ Movement Against Nuclear Power And Weapons) – Sweden
  • Folkkampanjen mot kärnkraft-kärnvapen (Peoples’ Movement Against Nuclear Power And Weapons)  –  Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Forbyd Atomvåben (ICAN in Denmark) – Denmark
  • Frauen für den Frieden (Women for Peace) – Germany
  • Frauen für den Frieden – Berlin, Germany
  • Frauennetzwerk für Frieden e.V. / Women’s Network for Peace – Germany
  • Fredens Hus Göteborg (Peace House Gothenburg)  – Sweden
  • Fredsministerium i Danmark (Danish Ministry of Peace – umbrella organization for Danish peace organizations and peace activists)  – Denmark
  • Fredsrörelsen på Orust (peace movement at Orust) – Sweden
  • FredsVagten i Danmark (PeaceWatch) – Denmark
  • Freiburger Friedensforum (Freiburg Peace Forum) – Germany
  • Friedensglockengesellschaft Berlin e.V. (Peace Bell Association Berlin) – Germany
  • Friedenszentrum Braunschweig e.V. (Peace Centre Braunschweig) – Germany
  • Friedenswerkstatt Mutlangen e.V. (Peace Workshop Mutlangen) – Germany
  • Friends of the Siberian Forests – Russia
  • Förderkreis Darmstädter Signal (Darmstädter Signal working group) – Germany
  • Föreningen Värmland mot Kärnkraft (Värmland Province against Nuclear Power) – Sweden
  • Gewaltfreie Aktion Atomwaffen Abschaffen (Nonviolent Action Abolish Nuclear Weapons) – Germany
    gröna Kvinnor och medlemmar i 1325 (green Women and members of 1325) – Sweden
  • Guild of Environmental Journalists of the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region – Russia
  • Hamburger Forum für Völkerverständigung und weltweite Abrüstung e. V. (Hamburg Forum for International Understanding and Global Disarmament) – Germany
  • IALANA (International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Arms) – Germany 
  • Initiative Sicherheit neu denken (Initiative Rethink Security) – Germany
    Integrationsrådet i Aarhus Kommune (Integration Council in Aarhus Municipality) – Denmark
    Internasjonal Kvinneliga for Fred og Frihet (IKFF – WILPF) –  Norway
  • Internationella Kvinnoförbundet för Fred och Frihet (IKFF – WILPF) – Sweden
  • Internationella kvinnoförbundet för fred och frihet (IKFF – WILPF) Göteborg section – Sweden
    IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) – Germany
  • Khakass public ecological fund “Iris” – Russia
  • Kooperation für den Frieden (Cooperation for Peace – Umbrella organization consisting of more than 50 German peace organizations and initiatives) – Germany

Members of “Kooperation für den Frieden” that have not signed individually but support the letter:
• Aachener Friedenspreis e.V. (AFP) (Aachen Peace Prize)

  • Aachener Netzwerk für humanitäre Hilfe und interkulturelle Friedensarbeit e.V.(Aachen Network for Humanitarian Aid and Intercultural Peace Work e.V.)
  • Aktion Freiheit statt Angst e.V.  (Action Freedom not Fear e. V.)
  • Aschaffenburger Friedenstrommler (Aschaffenburger Drummers for Peace)
  • Bremer Aktion für Kinder (BAKI) (Bremen Action for Kids)
  • Bürgerinitiative OFFENe HEIDe (citizens’ initiative OFFENe HEIDe)
  • Bundesverband Bürgerinitiativen Umweltschutz (BBU) (Federal Association of Citizens’ Initiatives Environmental Protection)
  • Evangelische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kriegsdienstverweigerung und Frieden (EAK) (Protestant Working Group for Conscientious Objection and Peace)
  • Forum Friedensethik (FFE) in der Evangelischen Landeskirche in Baden (Baden’s Peace Ethics Forum (FFE) of the Evangelical Church)
  • Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung e.V. (FIfF) (Forum of Computer Scientists and IT Professionals for Peace and Social Responsibility)
  • Frauen in Schwarz (Women in Black), Hamburg
  • Frauen in Schwarz (Women in Black), Köln
  • Friedensgruppe Altenholz (Peace group Altenholz)
  • Friedensinititiative Nottuln (Peace initiative Nottuln)
  • Friedensrat Müllheim (Peace Council Müllheim)
  • Friedenszentrum Leipzig (Peace Center Leipzig)
  • Gewerkschaft Erziehung und Wissenschaft (GEW), Hauptvorstand (Education and Science Workers’ Union – GEW)
  • Heidelberger Friedensratschlag (Heidelberg Peace Council)
  • Institute for International Assistance and Solidarity (IFIAS)
  • Initiative Musiker/innen gegen Militärmusikkorps (Initiative musicians against military music corps)
  • Internationaler Versöhnungsbund – deutscher Zweig (VB) (International Fellowship of Reconciliation – German branch)
  • Keine Waffen vom Bodensee (No Weapons from Bodensee)
  • Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie (Committee for Civil Rights and Democracy)
  • Koordinierungsausschuss der Friedensbewegung in der Region Ingolstadt (Coordination committee of the peace movement in the Ingolstadt region)
  • KURVE Wustrow – Bildungs- und Begegnungsstätte für gewaltfreie Aktion e.V.
  • KURVE Wustrow – Centre for Training and Networking in Nonviolent Action)
  • Lebenshaus Schwäbische Alb – Gemeinschaft für soziale Gerechtigkeit, Frieden und Ökologie e.V. (Lebenshaus Schwäbische Alb – community for social justice, peace and ecology)
  • Leserinitiative Publik e.V. (Readers’ initiative Publik)
  • Mönchengladbacher Friedensforum (Mönchengladbach Peace Forum)
  • Netzwerk Friedenskooperative (Network Peace Cooperative)
  • Netzwerk Friedenssteuer (Peace Tax Network)
  • Ökumenische Initiative zur Abschaffung der Militärseelsorge (Ecumenical Initiative for the Abolition of MilitaryPastoral Care)
  • Ökumenisches Netz Baden-Württemberg (Ecumenical network Baden-Württemberg)
  • Ökumenisches Zentrum für Umwelt-, Friedens- und Eine-Welt-Arbeit (Ecumenical Center for Environment, Peace and One World Work), Berlin
  • Pädagoginnen und Pädagogen für den Frieden (PPF) (Educators for Peace)
  • pax christi – Internationale Katholische Friedensbewegung Deutsche Sektion
  • RüstungsinformationsBüro (RIB e.V.) (Arms information office)
  • Ulmer Ärzteinitiative (Ulm doctor’s initiative)
  • VVN-BdA – Vereinigung der Verfolgten des Naziregimes-Bund der Antifaschistinnen und Antifaschisten (Association of Persecutees of the Nazi Regime/Federation of Antifascists)
  • Werkstatt für Gewaltfreie Aktion, Baden (WfGA) (Workshop for Nonviolent Action, Baden)
  • Kronoberg för fred och alliansfrihet (KFA) (Kronoberg for peace and non-alignment) – Sweden
  • Kvindernes Internationale Liga for Fred og Frihed (WILPF) – Denmark
  • Latvian Green Movement (LaGM) – Latvia
  • Miljöringen Lovisa (Environmental Circle Lovisa) – Finland
  • NaturwissenschaftlerInnen-Initiative “Verantwortung für Frieden und Zukunftsfähigkeit” (NatWiss) (Initiative of Natural Scientists for Responsibility for Peace and Sustainability) – Germany
  • NGO Centre for Applied Ecology – Estonia
  • Ohne Rüstung Leben  (Without Armor Life) – Germany
  • Opettajien Lähetysliitto (The Teachers’ Mission of Finland) – Finland
  • PAND  – Taiteilijat Rauhan puolesta ry (Artists for Peace) – Finland
  • pax christi – Germany
  • Public Council of the South Shore of the Gulf of Finland, interregional public movement of Leningrad region and St. Petersburg – Russia
  • Public eco-movement “Kola Ecocenter”, Murmansk region – Russia
  • Regional Radioecological Center, Krasnoyarsk Regional NGO – Russia
  • Riksföreningen Nej till Nato (No to Nato) – Sweden
  • Russian Socio-Ecological Union– Russia
  • SGI (Soka Gakkai International) – Denmark
  • Sichelschmiede (workshop for peace work) – Germany
  • Socio-ecological union International – Russia
  • Suomen Rauhanpuolustajat ry  – Finnish Peace Committee – Finland
  • Suomen YK-nuoret/ The UN Youth of Finland – Finland
  • Svenska Fredsvänner i Helsingfors (Swedish Peace friends in Helsinki) – Finland
  • Svenska Kvinnors Vänsterförbund (Swedish Women of the Left) – Sweden
  • Sveriges Fredsråd (Swedish Peace Council)   –  Sweden
  • ViSK – Vänstern i Svenska kyrkan (The Left in the Church of Sweden) –  Sweden
  • Vännernas samfund i Sverige, kväkarna (The Swedish Society of Friends) – Sweden
  • Värmland mot Kärnkraft (Värmland Province against Nuclear Power) – Sweden
  • WILPF, Suomen osasto – Finland
  • Women Against Nuclear Power – Finland
  • Women for Peace – Finland
  • Women for Peace – Apatity, Russia
  • Women for Peace – Sweden
  • Women for Peace –  Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Za Prirodu (For Nature)–Chelyabinsk, Russia
  • Zusammenarbeitsausschuss der Friedensbewegung Schleswig-Holstein (ZAA)  (Cooperation Committee of the Schleswig-Holstein Peace Movement) – Germany

 Signatures from outside the Nordic and Baltic Sea region

International Organisations:

  • Church and Peace – European peace church network
  • WECF International
  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom/WILP

National Organisations:

  • Association “For Sustainable Human Development” – Republic of Armenia
  • Environmentalists Against War – Berkley, California, USA
  • IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War ) – Greece
  • Naturschutzbund Vorarlberg (nature conservation association Vorarlberg)– Austria
  • Peace Child International – United Kingdom
  • International Fellowship of Reconciliation – Austrian Branch

Personal Signatures:

  • Gela Böhne – Germany
  • Helmut Holfert – Berlin Germany
  • Frank Hornschu – Kiel Gemany
  • Pasquale Policastro, PhD. Hab. PhD. h.c. Professor of Szczecin University –  Poland
  • Vladimir Shestakov – Russia