Biden Flip-flops on Nuclear Spending; Breaks Vow to Reverse Trump’s Expansion

June 13th, 2021 - by Win Without War

Biden’s Nuclear Backflip

Win Without War

 (June 12, 2021) — Biden is adding billions toward Trump’s nuclear weapons spending spree. It’s unacceptable, and we need your help to stop it. 

President Biden just said he wants to hand over $44.5 billion dollars to continue Trump’s 30-year, TRILLION DOLLAR plus spending spree on new nuclear bombers, submarines, ICBMs, air-launch cruise missiles, and MORE.

It’s a massive backflip on his campaign pledge, the national platform of the Democratic Party, and his own position as vice president and senator — and the consequences could not be more serious.

Just one of the new nuclear weapons being funded has TWENTY TIMES the explosive power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima: able to kill hundreds of thousands of people in one go. 

But because Congress controls the purse strings of this inordinate expense, we have a critical window to block this nuclear nightmare spending spree. And in parallel to pushing lawmakers, legislative aides, and the media, we’re simultaneously working to strengthen international agreements to stop a global nuclear arms race — and we need your support to keep all this going.

One reason for this reversal could be the piles of radioactive cash plied into lobbying and campaign contributions by the nuclear arms industry. Last year alone, nuclear weapons producers spent $117 million in lobbying on defense. And it’s a clear money-maker — for every $1 spent lobbying, an average of $236 in nuclear weapon contract money came back.

This corrupt nexus between defense mega-corporations and government policymakers is key to understanding why Obama, Trump, and now Biden ALL effectively handed the checkbook — and the reins of nuclear policy — over to the Pentagon and private corporations. 

Because the truth is: None of these programs make us safer. They ALL make the world far more dangerous and ramp up Trump’s reckless nuclear arms race with China and Russia that dramatically increases the risks of nuclear war. And that’s why we’re pulling out all the stops to block these new initiatives from moving forward — and we need your support.

It’s easy to forget the destructive capacity the United States and Russia have to end the world in a moment, an armageddon that can be unleashed at the sole discretion of a single human being. 

Building up and developing new nuclear weapons is the exact opposite of where we should be heading, and it’s essential in this moment, with this administration and this Congress, that we immediately turn this dangerous trajectory around. 

Thank you for working for peace,
Kate, Michael, Abbey, and the Win Without War team

Pressuring the Nuclear Weapons Profiteers

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