ACTION ALERT: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Would Give BILLIONS More to the Pentagon

June 30th, 2021 - by Win Without War

The Build Back Better agenda should be for our communities not for the pentagon and arms dealers!

Win Without War

WASHINGTON, DC (June 29, 2021) — We’ve learned that the Congressional leadership is considering including TENS of BILLIONS of dollars for the Pentagon in the upcoming jobs and infrastructure bills. 

It’s outrageous. We have a crucial opportunity to fix our nation’s broken budget priorities and finally invest in our PEOPLE—and more money for the Pentagon does the exact opposite. Our communities can’t be deprioritized behind Pentagon and defense contractor greed, and that’s why we’re writing to you. 

Representatives Barbara Lee, Mark Pocan, and Cori Bush are circulating a sign-on letter for their colleagues in the House that urges Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer to keep Pentagon funding out of a “Build Back Better” agenda. 

Can you take two minutes to send a letter asking your Congressmember to sign a letter saying NO new Pentagon funding in the infrastructure bills? [See ACTION link below]

This letter closes TOMORROW, June 30, so please act fast. The more members of Congress who sign, the harder it will be for leadership to keep Pentagon funding in the bill!

The “Build Back Better” agenda is an opportunity to build an economy that prioritizes the needs of people—by investing in health care, clean energy, and education. We can do this by funding priorities that meet the needs of our communities.

Despite that, some in Congress, along with an army of defense industry lobbyists, are trying to use this moment to add tens of BILLIONS of dollars to an already outrageously bloated Pentagon budget that would fund more weapons, more militarism, more war.

It would be an unconscionable misuse of our resources. But here’s the thing: We’ve stopped it before, and we can do it again.

Last summer, we created a massive wave of public pressure that pushed Congress away from including Pentagon funds in the COVID stimulus legislation. If we want to create this gigantic wave again, we need your help, and we need to act fast:

ACTION ALERT: Please take two minutes right now to write Rep. Lee and urge her to join Reps. Lee, Pocan, and Bush and say “NO” to new Pentagon funding in the infrastructure bills.

The choice is ours: Do we continue with business as usual by funneling billions into the Pentagon and pockets of arms dealers, while gutting funding for jobs, health care, clean energy, and education—or do we support the people?

The Lee-Pocan-Bush letter closes on June 30. Please write your Rep. today!

Thank you for working for peace,Annika, Abbey, Shayna, and the Win Without War team