The Cold War Truth Commission Hearings — March 21, 2021

July 24th, 2021 - by Hosted by Rachel Bruhnke, Frank Dorrel, and CODEPINK

This Newest Version of: “The Cold War Truth Commission: March 21st, 2021 ” 
was assembled by Emily Dorrel of CODEPINK

A collection of 54 Video presentations — Updated with Individual YouTube Links 

Opening Remarks by Rachel Bruhnke and Frank Dorrel 

1.Plutocracy: Wealth Governs This Country:

Former Attorney General of the United States, Ramsey Clark. 8-minute Talk from 1998.

2. Why We Need This Truth Commission to Expose ‘Cold War’ Lies — Jim Lafferty 

3. Henry Wallace and the Cold War’s Beginning — Peter Kuznick & Clip from Oliver Stone’s: “The Untold History of The United States”. 

4. The Role of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex — Daniel Ellsberg

5. Excerpt From ‘The Second Bill of Rights’ State of the Union Speech 1944′ — Read by Madison Tang, CODEPINK Youth Peace Collective

6. Anti Communism As a Weapon Against Progress — Rossana Cambron

7. Cold War Revisionism — Michael Meeropol

8. The US Cold War As a Self Inflicted Wound — Gerald Horne — Read by Genesis Mora, PSL

9. The Red Baiting of Abolitionists in 1850 — Carolfrances Likens

10. The Pro-Fascist Nature of US Anti-Communism — Rick Fellows

11. Is the Fear of “Communists” a Big Deal in Europe A Green’s Perspective — Mike Feinstein

12. A Sequence of Lies, the US Cold War and Today — Jeremy Kuzmarov

13. Lesson from my Father, Phil Agee, and the CIA — Chris Agee

14. The White Supremacist Nature of the US Cold War — Michael Novick

15. Historical and Current US Cold War Against Russia — Alice Slater

16. Why So Many Progressives Bought Into the ‘Russiagate’ Frenzy — Norman Solomon

Song — “Work For Peace” by Gil Scott-Heron

17. Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI — Written by Mumia Abul-Jamal & Stephen Vittoria — Read by Alexis Green

18. What HUAC Did to My Father — Susan Gossman

19. McCarthyism’s Effect on American Workers Case Study — Gregory Godels

20. How the American People Lost the Cold War — Richard Moser

21. Censoring of the Truth During The US Cold War to Today — Mickey Huff

22. The Housing Crisis, Land Accumulation and Cold War Ideology — Chris Venn

23. The Cost of US Militarism in the US Cold War to Today — Carley Towne

24. Weaponizing Space in the US Cold War to Today — Bruce Gagnon

25. There Was Nothing ‘COLD’ About the Cold War — David Vine

26. War Resistance In the 1980’s As Foundation for 1991 Iraq War Resistance — Kathy Kelly

27. Combatting the Lies of the US Cold War Today — David Swanson

28. US News Media: The Enduring Cold War Legacy — Jeff Cohen

30. The US Cold War Against Liberation Theology — Peter McLaren 

31. Lucius Walker: The Legacy of a Visionary Pastor for Peace — Gail Walker

32. “Resist War! A Message to Today’s Youth — Gerry Condon —

33. TikTok: A Warning on American Hypocrisy — Emily Dorrel

34. The Pledge of Allegiance, “God” and the US Cold War — Alma Bruhnke

35. The Cold War in the US Classroom — Marcy Winograd

36. Combating Anti-Communism in the 1960s — Eric Mann

37. The Environmental Catastrophe of Militarism and the US Cold War — Carl Boggs

 Song — “Is It For Freedom” by Sara Thomsen

38. School of Assassins — Father Roy Bourgeois — Video

39. Cover Up Behind the Iran Contra Affair & THE PANAMA DECEPTION — By Barbara Trent & David Kasper

40. The US Cold War vs African Liberation Struggles — Medea Benjamin

41. Origins of US Iranian Tension — Nuri Ronaghy 

42. The NSA and CIA Protects Concentrated Global Capitalism — Peter Phillips

43. Afghanistan as a Pawn in the US Cold War — Matthew Hoh

44. Inside and Outside the Military Industrial Complex — Ann Wright

45. Historical and Current US Cold War Against China — Jodie Evans

46. The Cold War and Continued Conflict With Syria — John Parker

47. The Ongoing US Cold War Against Honduras — Miguel Angel

48. The U.S. Cold War Against El Salvador and Its Aftermath — Alicia Rivera

49. The Dirty War in Argentina — Alicia Jrapko– Read by Brenda Lopez, LA Cuba Coalition

Song — “Lives In The Balance” by Jackson Browne

50. US Involvement in Creating and Sustaining the Cold War Against Korea — Written by S. Brian Willson — Read by Emily Dorrel of CODEPINK

S. Brian Willson Short Video: “We Are Not Worth More, They Are Not Worth Less” —

51. The Rise of Aerial Bombardment Throughout the Cold War — Joel Andreas

52. CIA Intrigue, the 1965 Coup Against Indonesia — Nadya Williams

53. HUAC, the Hollywood Blacklist and McCarthyism — Ed Rampell

54. The US Cold War and the Murder of ‘Communal’ Values — Video by John Hankey