Ban US Killer Drones: A Month of Action

September 23rd, 2021 - by Veterans for Peace


Veterans for Peace

(September 22, 2021) — During the week of Sept 26-Oct 2, members of Veterans For PeaceCode PinkBan Killer Drones, and ally organizations are taking action outside of Creech Drone Air Force Base, north of Las Vegas, in opposition to militarized drones. Want to come? Register here!

We call for an immediate halt to US drone attacks and a ban on the use of all armed drones. For 20 years, the US has carried out drone attacks with no accountability to the public for how many civilians were killed. We stand with the innocent civilians who are living under the covert US drone program, in a state of constant fear. We stand with the thousands of innocent victims who have lost their lives to drone strikes. Will you stand with us?


  1. Pass Out Flyers  (Download/print Flyer Here)
    Share the “5 facts about drones” infographics on social media (download here or click on any of the images below this list)

•   Organize a No Drones Action in support of the Ahmadi family, recent victims of a U.S drone strike in Afghanistan and drone whistleblower, Daniel Hale. The Ahmadi family are memorialized in this video.

•   Suggestions: Educate the public by recreating the Ahmadi Drone Massacre via street theater, using cardboard cutouts of family members, reading names and ages of the victims, or displaying victims shoes, etc.  Living in the most droned country on earth, we hold the Afghan People in our hearts. Enough is enough! Fly A Kite Not A Drone.

•   Call or Write your Congressional Representative. Use this link.  
Are you aware of recent drone strikes that killed civilians in Kabul, killing 7 young children and 3 adults of the Ahmadi family in Kabul? I stand with these innocent victims and the thousands of others who have been maimed and killed by drones. This is a continuation of the pattern of the US Drone program targeting wedding parties, funerals, schools, mosques, homes and families. Please work to obtain US reparations for the violent massacre on this Kabul family.

•   Will you sponsor a bill that calls for an immediate halt to US drone strikes and a ban on the use of all armed drones? Remote targeted killing is never acceptable. 

•   How will you work for the pardon and release of Daniel Hale? Daniel Hale is currently serving 45 months for exposing truths about the US Drone Terror Program. Support Daniel:

  1.  Become a member of Veterans For Peace and learn more about the No Drones Working Group


The US Drone Terror Machine is crumbling. Daniel Hale’s courageous actions as a drone whistleblower are emboldening others to take action. If you have been curious about coming to Creech in the past, NOW is the time to come. Come to connect with community and to stand up against the US drone warfare program. Come to learn more about the drone terror program and how we can continue to stand in resistance.