Will War Break Out in Eastern Ukraine with US-NATO Assistance?

December 4th, 2021 - by The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Is US-NATO Provoking Russia in Ukraine because of Energy Resources?

The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

We are constantly told that tensions are rising dramatically between US-NATO and Russia over Ukraine. What is actually driving the conflict along Russia’s border these days? GN board member Will Griffin again has produced another important video that takes us deep into the reasons for growing conflict between the US-NATO and Russia. (Ukraine is just a tool that is used by Washington to destabilize the region.)

In the end, the video makes quite clear it is mostly about energy. Europe is in an energy crisis and Russia has built the Nordstream-2 pipeline to send natural gas to Germany and beyond. The US has long opposed this pipeline because Washington wants Europe to buy more expensive fracked (LNG) gas from the US — sent overseas via ships. With the melting Arctic Sea it will be possible to drill for fossil fuels in that region.

But Russia has the largest border with the Arctic. The video shares how the Rand Corporation (that compiled the Vietnam-era Pentagon Papers) has created a plan to break Russia into smaller nations thus making it easier for western fossil fuel corporations to control the Arctic.The US-NATO count on the western public to miss the real story driving these dangerous military escalations along Russia’s borders.

Nazi’s in Ukraine

Western Ukraine today is a hot-bed for Nazi supporters. During WW II when Hitler’s Army swept thru Ukraine many local Nazi supporters in the western part of Ukraine joined the Hitler Vernichtungskrieg (war of destruction). They killed thousands of Poles and Jews. 

The Obama administration (Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland) orchestrated the 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev, Ukraine. Ukrainian Nazis played a key role in creating chaos and terror against anyone who opposed the coup. This was when the citizens of Crimea voted by more than 96% to return to the Russian Federation. 

The Nazis were rewarded with key top-level government appointments — particularly in security services, intelligence and military. Since 2014 Kiev’s military has been regularly attacking their fellow citizens who are Russian-ethnic populations along Russia’s border — in what is called the Donbass region. 

Who Really Runs Ukraine Today?

This photo is the Ukrainian secret services building in Kiev. The US-NATO are using Ukraine to create chaos along the Russian border to penalize Moscow for not surrendering to western corporate globalization.

The US-NATO have been training, arming and directing the Ukrainian Army since 2014. See a video of Obama’s ambassador to Ukraine visit one US Special Forces base in western Ukraine where they do this training. Click here

US-NATO are putting a loaded gun to Russia’s head. What should Russia do?

During WW II Hitler’s Army killed 27 million people in the former Soviet Union. 

Russia says they will never surrender. 

Does this mean war?

Update on US-NATO, Ukraine and Russia Situation

Bruce K. Gagnon i/ The Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

(December 5, 2021) — I was on a Zoom call today with some activists from around the globe led by Global Network advisory board member Leonid Ilderkin from Russia. We discussed the current Ukraine-Russia situation.

Leonid (a refugee in Russia from Ukraine since the 2014 US orchestrated coup d’etat in Kiev) said that last spring when these same tensions were happening that he did not believe war would start. He proved to be correct. Now, Leonid says, he is not so sure.

The principle reason Leonid said was that the Nordstream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany, that will deliver natural gas, is a key factor.

The US has always opposed the pipeline because Washington wishes to control the European energy market by shipping more expensive LNG (fracked) gas on ships from the US to Europe. Now that the pipeline is finished Germany just has to give their final approval to start it.

Another key point is the new German government has a Foreign Minister from the Green Party that dislikes Russia and China. She is more allied with Washington. The German business community supports the pipeline because Russian gas would be much cheaper for them.

As it turns out, if the US was to prevail then the LNG gas on ships would dock in Poland so that nation becomes a key player in all of this.

Leonid suggested the question was who has the most influence with Poland? Germany or the US? At the same time, the United Kingdom is building naval bases in the Black Sea for Ukraine. So that adds another complicating dimension to the equation.

In the meantime, those on the call suggested that peace people worldwide should immediately be speaking out more directly opposing any Ukrainian or US-NATO military operations aimed at Russia. Leonid felt confident that Russia would not likely initiate any such military operations unless the Donbass (eastern Ukraine) or Russian territory (particularly Crimea) was attacked first.

Bruce K. Gagnon is the Coordinator for the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

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