ACTION ALERT: Organizing to Protest the Yemen War

December 15th, 2021 - by Odile Hugonot Haber / Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Mobilizing to Demonstrate Against War in Yemen

Odile Hugonot Haber / Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

(December 2021) — On January 25, 2021, over 230 organizations in the US and throughout the world mobilized to demonstrate against the war in Yemen under the banner: “The World Says No to the War in Yemen.”

When President Biden took office, he said he would end the war in Yemen. But then, the little word “offensive” appeared in his speech, and he declared that the United States was not going to support  “offensive strikes” in Yemen.

The Global Conflict Tracker claims that “Since 2002, the United States has carried out nearly 400 strikes in Yemen.” Recently, the Yemen Data Project claims that there were 175 air raids from the coalition in October.

In November, the United Nations released a statement asking for urgent de-escalation of all parties. The United Nations calls this war the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The UN Food Agency stated that 45 million people are starving and the death toll is climbing to the hundreds of thousands.

So far, the Biden administration has not been successful in ending the war in Yemen and is now compromising with arms sales. The State Department notified Congress that the US was now contemplating a $650 million arms sale to Saudi Arabia, of which $280 million is for air-to-air missiles, which the State Department claims are for defense only and not for offensive air raids.

Are we willing to continue the massacre of the children and people of Yemen for the price of arms sales? This reflects a complete moral bankruptcy on the part of the Biden administration. 

In Congress, in September, the Khanna amendment passed. The House voted 219-207 in support of this good Yemen amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. This amendment, if enacted, would terminate US military logistical support and the transfer of spare parts for Saudi warplanes conducting airstrikes against the Houthis in Yemen, “including strikes over health care facilities, food production facilities, schools, airport, and other civilian infrastructure.”

It would end intelligence-sharing that enables offensive strikes and any US efforts to command, coordinate, participate in the movement of, or accompany Saudi-led coalition forces in the war in Yemen. We can assume that the language passed in the House will have a harder time in the Senate. Reach out to your senators.

The next steps in this campaign will be to build support for a Yemen War Powers Resolution (WPR) that would be a stronger tool for ending US participation in the war in Yemen. Bernie Sanders was going to do this, but it has not been done so far. But just to report Human Rights violations is not enough. We must end this inhuman war!

“Last week, The Netherlands delivered a joint statement on behalf of 37 countries to the UN General Assembly voicing deep regret at the UNHRC’s failure to renew the mandate of the Group of Eminent Experts(GoEE), which since 2017 has been investigating alleged violations of international humanitarian and human rights law in Yemen.” Source. 

What You Can Do:

•  You can learn more about the coalition leading the “Stop the blockade of Yemen” campaign.

•  Visit the Every 75 Seconds website to find out what you can do. We must open the ports for food and aid and end the war.

•  You can look at our last e-alert and previous e-news in our archives listed on the front page of our website.

•  Please verify that your representatives are on this list.

•  Please call your representatives and apply some pressure to end the war in Yemen,not just cooperate in the fight. Let us know what the responses are.

Odile Hugonot Haber is co-chair of the WILPF’s Middle East committee.
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