ACTION ALERT: No War in Ukraine

January 22nd, 2022 - by World BEYOND War & ActionNetwork

ACTION ALERT: No War in Ukraine

We are alarmed by the increasing tensions between the nuclear-armed governments of the US (and its NATO allies) and Russia and are extremely concerned about what seems to be the increasing likelihood of war. 
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To: The Governments of NATO Nations 

No War in Ukraine! Nothing is worth risking war, much less nuclear war. No side wants war in Ukraine, and certainly not the people of Ukraine. Someone must find the courage to push back against the momentum toward war, and lead the way toward cooperation and disarmament.

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Ukraine on Fire

David Swanson / Let’s Try Democracy

I read this article: “A Documentary You’ll Likely Never See” and watched the preview of Oliver Stone’s prize-winning documentary. So, of course, I wanted to see the movie. If you are ever able to see Ukraine on Fire you should. This is a story about recent events in Ukraine that puts them into the context of Ukraine’s history, rejects propaganda, and presents the evidence clearly and concisely. It includes interviews of key figures conducted by Oliver Stone.

To summarize the key points will just sound like lunacy to US media consumers, though a bit of reading or watching this film might help persuade many.

The United States promoted two color revolutions in Ukraine several years apart, taking the side of neo-Nazis, installing handpicked leaders in Kiev and even a former coup leader from Georgia in Odessa. Russia did not invade Ukraine. Just as Russia did not hack the German or US elections. The evidence also suggests that Russia was probably not involved in shooting down that Malaysian airplane, that Ukrainian nationalists did that.

As Russia is being demonized in a new way every week in Washington, knowing truth from lies on Ukraine may be critically important and could just save us. I hope somebody makes a way for you to see this movie.

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