US Sends More Military Equipment to Ukraine

January 23rd, 2022 - by Marcus Weisberger and Tara Copp / Defense One & Bruce Gagnon / Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

US-supplied Javelin anti-tank missiles in Ukraine.

Latest Deliveries Arrive as DOD Searches Its Inventory for More to Send

Marcus Weisberger and Tara Copp / Defense One

(January 21, 2022) — The US is expected to deliver more defense equipment to Ukraine today to counter Russia’s rapid escalation of military and diplomatic moves along the Ukrainian border, two US officials told Defense One Friday. 

To rush additional aid to Ukraine, President Joe Biden authorized the State Department to allow the transfer of US-provided equipment already in the hands of allies, according to a National Security Council statement provided to Defense One

Biden has also authorized $200 million “in additional support to meet Ukraine’s emergency defense needs,” according to a US State Department spokesperson. “Those deliveries are ongoing, and there are more scheduled in the coming weeks.”

It was not immediately clear what equipment would be arriving today. 

On Wednesday, the State Department approved the transfer of US-made missiles from Baltic NATO members to Ukraine. Estonia is sending Javelin anti-armor missiles while Latvia and Lithuania are sending Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and related equipment, according to a Friday statement by the countries’ defense ministers. 

The Pentagon is also searching its own bases and forces in Europe for more. 

“The United States is identifying additional equipment held in DoD inventories that can be delivered under the Excess Defense Articles program, among other mechanisms, and we recently notified Congress of its intent to deliver Mi-17 helicopters,” the NSC said in the statement. 

Russia has positioned an estimated 100,000 troops along the Ukrainian border and is conducting large-scale wargames with Belarus. The urgency of the situation in Ukraine prompted the US to transfer the weapons and equipment from existing stockpiles instead, US officials said.

On Friday, press secretary John Kirby declined to say whether the Pentagon thinks those wargames are actually posturing for an invasion. 

“We’re not splitting hairs here over whether they’re exercising or they’re not. And again, I’d let them speak to what they’re doing in terms of exercises that they claim they’re conducting,” Kirby said. “We see a sizable force presence that continues to increase. There’s no sign of de-escalation here. And so we remain concerned about that.”

Washington Pumping Up War Fever
US-NATO Goal of Regime Change in Moscow

Bruce Gagnon / Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space

(January 19, 2022) — It’s nonstop in the western media. The message — war with Russia is coming.

An American friend of mine, now living in Russia, has two sons in the US Army. One of them said to him yesterday, “your two sons are going to be fighting your beloved Russia.” So the troops are obviously being told to prepare for war.

One of those sons, an Army Special Forces soldier has been sent to western Ukraine several times to train the Nazi death squads that have been brought into the Ukrainian Army since the US-orchestrated coup d’état in 2014.

Russia has repeatedly stated that they have no intention of invading Ukraine — unless Ukraine first strikes Crimea or the Donbass (eastern Ukraine that borders Russia where two Russian-ethnic republics are located that have continually been targets of the right-wing Kiev government since 2014).

Russia constantly says they have no desire to take over the failed Ukrainian state — in fact Moscow says that the US-NATO have driven that country into the ground since the 2014 coup and they should help it recover.

But the Washington agenda is chaos — just like Iraq, Syria, Libya and other places US-NATO have destroyed with their ‘freedom war machine’.

Let’s take a moment and look at possible reasons
for the US-NATO daily agitation for war.

  • The western corporate powers see their reign as ‘global rulers’ rapidly vanishing and know this is the last chance to bring down Russia and China before the ‘multi-polar’ world comes into fruition in the next few years.
  • The west is led by evil, psychopaths who thirst for war. The neo-cons come to mind.
  • It’s all a big public relations scheme to create a rare ‘win’ for the west. If Russia does not invade Ukraine then the US-NATO can claim it was all because they stood up to the ‘Russian bear’, proving that their out-of-date alliance still has a role in the world today.
  • Western oligarchs can’t stand to let Russia have all those natural resources in the Arctic that are becoming possible to extract due to melting ice. So Russia must be broken up into smaller nations giving Mr. Big the chance to make the grab. See the RAND Corporation study that lays out the plan to balkanize Russia here. Thus there is no stopping this rush to war.
  • US-NATO are bluffing. It’s all a great distraction to help take the heat off Big Pharma’s global vaccine campaign and growing international economic problems.

Now let’s review some of the reasons why war might be avoided.

  • If the US-NATO really went to full-blown war with Russia then it would likely go nuclear. China would probably be pulled in. If this happens forget covid — kiss your family good-bye. Is the US-NATO stupid enough to try this? Yes they are but there are some sensible leaders in Europe who know this would not be such a great idea. Let’s hope they have the stuff it takes to help shut down this insanity.
  • The US-NATO constant aggression is a big money maker for the military industrial complex so this current war talk is a cash cow for them. But they are not stupid and know that nuclear war does not help their profit line.

Think back to 2003 and George W. Bush’s ill-fated ‘shock and awe’ attack on Iraq that turned that nation into a chaotic failed state. Prior to the US-UK attack there were massive protests around the world for peace.

This time, as Washington-Brussels do their daily war-prep media barrage, there are few global protests. In fact there are some in the ‘US peace movement’ who buy the hype and believe Russia wants to remake the Soviet Union by invading Europe. Anyone who is actually paying real attention at this moment knows that story line is bullshit. But sadly some who should be protesting US-NATO provocations and aggression are not doing so. This weakens our ability to stop WW III.

I hope and pray that more people will speak out — and soon. Our lives depend on your courage and your action.

More Weapons Sent to Eastern Europe

US is unloading major military hardware shipped overseas for war games aimed at Russia. When the exercises are finished, the equipment is stored at a US weapons hub in Poland. Russia fears they are being boxed-in and is asking US-NATO to pull back their aggressive and provocative military moves.

Break Up Russia?

A RAND Corporation study calls for the break up of Russia into smaller nations like the US-NATO did to Yugoslavia during the Clinton administration.

Due to climate change, and the melting Arctic waters, western oil corporations want to drill-baby-drill in the region but Russia happens to have the largest land border with the Arctic. Thus the call for the Balkanization of Russia. How is Moscow likely to respond?