Security for Russia is Security for our Country!

February 18th, 2022 - by Co-op Anti-War Café Berlin

Rally in Berlin on February 18

Co-op Anti-War Café Berlin

GERMANY (February 18 2022) — For years, Russia has been making offers of cooperation to NATO, the USA, the EU and Germany to solve international problems. But they are pursuing a policy of threats and sanctions, military build-up and military rallies on Russia’s borders. Russia has not approached the borders of NATO, but NATO — contrary to all previous assurances — has advanced to Russia’s borders.

The Ukrainian government wants NATO membership. Should NATO grant this wish, the encirclement of Russia would advance further. Russia will not and cannot allow that and rightly feels threatened. That is why Russia is asking NATO to reject Ukraine’s admission to NATO.

The western attacking alliance has reached a red line where Russia says: up to here and no further. The Russian Federation has therefore submitted a draft treaty that demands legally binding guarantees from the USA and NATO in order to end further escalation and to take the path of BOTH SIDES disarmament and detente. This should meet with understanding in our country and requires the federal government to support the guarantees demanded by Russia there!

Instead, the leading NATO countries are inciting agitation against Russia, spreading lies and talking about an impending war. Politicians and the media in Germany are particularly involved in this. They systematically falsify the content of the Minsk agreements, which point the way to a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.

They omit the fact that — alongside Russia and France — the Federal Republic of Germany is the guarantor of the Minsk Agreements. Instead of fulfilling its resulting obligation to urge the Ukrainian government to implement it, which has been sabotaging it from the start, the German government is using its political, financial and military support to prevent the implementation of the international agreements.

The stoking of panic about an impending Russian invasion of Ukraine is intended to justify the continued existence of NATO after the disaster in Afghanistan.
Yes, Russia moves troops around its territory, but that is also its legitimate right.

The resulting scaremongering about a „Russian deployment“ has meanwhile gone too far, even in Kiev. Nevertheless, the war propaganda continues at full speed. The situation is extremely dangerous — for Russia, for Europe, for the whole world.

De-escalation is the order of the day and not pumping more weapons into the country that has been driven into impoverishment by the USA and the EU.

The implementation of the Minsk agreements and the draft agreement that Russia submitted to the USA and NATO on December 17, 2021 are the solution not only to this currently agitated situation. The Russian demands serve to strengthen mutual, peaceful relations in the world. They are the decisive steps towards a solution for the goals that we as a peace movement have been fighting for for a long time.

Women stand for peace in Belarus.

We support the concept of “indivisible security” on which the draft treaty is based, the demands for an end to NATO’s eastward expansion, the peaceful settlement of international disputes on the basis of the UN Charter.

We support the security treaty offered by Russia, in which the following should apply to both NATO countries and Russia:

  • No short- and medium-range land-based nuclear-capable missiles outside of one’s own territory or in areas from which these weapons can attack targets in the other side’s territory.
  • No deployment of nuclear weapons outside of your own country. This also means the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany.
  • No NATO military maneuvers near the Russian border, no Russian military maneuvers near the borders of NATO countries
  • No approach of heavy bombers and warships to each other’s borders, making an attack possible.

Stop the media warmongering and NATO aggression policy!
Disarmament and peace with Russia!

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