ACTION ALERT: Ukraine-Russia War Webinar February 28

February 28th, 2022 - by World BEYOND War

Learn and Take Action About the Ukraine Crisis
World BEYOND War

Join a webinar on February 28th at 3 pm Honolulu, 5 pm Los Angeles, 7 pm Mexico City, 8 pm New York; March 1st at 9 am Beijing, 10 am Tokyo, 12 pm Sydney, 2 pm Auckland.

Cynthia Lazaroff

Founder of Women Transforming Our Nuclear Legacy and NuclearWakeUpCall.Earth, Cynthia Lazaroff is a filmmaker and activist who has been engaged in groundbreaking US-Russian exchange initiatives for decades. She was a key organizer of a moving Call for Peace, signed by dozens of Russian and American women and published last week by The Nation as well as Russian newspapers.

Ira Helfand

Ira Helfand, MD is Co-President of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, recipient of the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize, and Co-Founder and Past President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, IPPNW’s US affiliate. He has published studies on the medical consequences of nuclear war in the New England Journal of Medicine and elsewhere.

Moderator: Greta Zarro 

Organizing Director of World BEYOND War, Greta Zarro has a background in issue-based community organizing. Her experience includes volunteer recruitment and engagement, event organizing, coalition building, legislative and media outreach, and public speaking. Greta graduated as valedictorian from St. Michael’s College with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Anthropology.
She previously worked as New York Organizer for leading non-profit Food & Water Watch. There, she campaigned on issues related to fracking, genetically engineered foods, climate change, and the corporate control of our common resources. Greta and her partner run Unadilla Community Farm, a non-profit organic farm and permaculture education center in Upstate New York.

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No, No, No to War

World BEYOND War

(February 24, 2022) — President Biden is half right when he refers to “an unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russian military forces” — unjustified indeed, unprovoked not in the least. Two sides have been escalating this conflict for years, each claiming to be acting defensively, each provoking the other.

The NATO nations’ weaponry and forces that are now imagined as a solution are also the original source of the conflict. It is right to grow indignant now about Ukraine’s “sovereignty,” but so would it have been during the US-backed coup eight years ago that has endangered Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

This is no time for anything other than de-escalation by all sides. The United Nations and the International Criminal Court ought to be upholding the rule of law just as if this were in Africa rather than Europe, exactly as ought to have been done with the wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, et alia. Criminal sanctions that violate the Geneva Conventions are not a means of holding warmakers to the rule of law. Prosecutions in courts are.

We need nuclear weapons taken out of service by both sides. We need serious negotiations, beginning with the Minsk 2 agreement, not just empty talk. We need nations other than Russia or the United States to step up and insist on de-escalation and de-militarization, before this slowly spiraling madness reaches nuclear apocalypse.

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