High Hopes for NATO Summit in Brussels

March 22nd, 2022 - by No to NATO Press Statement

More Weapons Are Not the Solution to Conflict
De-escalation Instead of Pouring Oil on the Fire

No to NATO Press Statement

(March 21, 2022) — In view of the dramatic dangers to world peace, the international network “No to war – No to NATO” calls on the heads of state and governments of all NATO countries for de-escalation, dialogue at eye level and cooperation.

Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which is contrary to international law, must not be allowed to lead to a further aggravation of the dramatic international situation through further measures by the NATO countries to intensify the conflict.

We demand an unequivocal declaration by NATO rejecting no-fly zones. There must be no we deployment of NATO troops under any label whatsoever.

The network insistently emphasizes: Governments who want to send troops to Ukraine or promote a no fly zone are preparing the 3rd world war!

Let us never forget: in this war indirectly nuclear powers are facing each other!

Already now NATO countries are warring parties by supplying weapons to Ukraine. We stand up for an immediate end of the war aggravating and war prolonging arms deliveries.

We want peace in Ukraine too: that is why we demand an immediate ceasefire and the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. We demand ending the war in Donbass/Lugansk and resuming the Minsk agreements. We demand for a negotiated political resolution.

Peace in Europe can only exist with Russia and a Ukraine that acts as a political link between East and West. Neutrality is the best solution. No foreign troops and no foreign military bases in Ukraine.

A Europe of common security is the only solution. Further armament of NATO countries does not solve any problem only aggravates social and ecological crises in every single NATO country and worldwide. Already, as a result of the Ukraine war, a dramatic famine threatens Africa and parts of Asia.

An international reconstruction concept a Marshall Plan for Ukraine must be developed. Help for the survival of Ukraine is vital for the refugees and the whole country.

Therefore, we demand disarmament remains the challenge!

We say no to further NATO expansion. Military alliances like NATO must be abolished. We call for negotiations for disarmament and arms control agreements.

We are already out on the streets for these demands locally, regionally and nationally. Internationally we are marching in June 2022 for this and against the NATO summit in Madrid.

Contact: Kristine Karch, co-chair of the international network at “No to war – no to NATO”. kristine@no-to-nato.org