ACTION ALERT: Message from Japan: Do Not Use Nuclear Weapons

March 23rd, 2022 - by NoFirstUse Global

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As a former mayor of Hiroshima, Japan, I call for President Vladimir Putin and the world leaders to immediately declare the disuse of nuclear weapons in this conflict!
I also call for Prime Minister Kishida, who is from Hiroshima, to take a stand and attend the United Nations Security Council meeting to convey the cry of the Hibakusha!
Tadatoshi Akiba

(March 22, 2022) — NoFirstUse Global encourages you to sign (and promote) the petition launched by Tadatoshi Akiba, former Mayor of Hiroshima and former President of Mayors for Peace, entitled Do NOT Use Nuclear Weapons! Message from Japan.

The petition recalls the horrific experience of the two nuclear weapons being used in Japan, describes the even greater tragedy if multiple nuclear weapons are used in the Ukraine war or other conflict, expresses concern at the increased threat of nuclear war in the Ukraine conflict, and calls on President Putin and the leaders of other countries with nuclear weapons to adopt no-first-use policies and ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again.

The petition also calls on Japan Prime Minister Kishida Fumio to convey this message to President Putin and other members of the UN Security Council, and to “tell the reality of the atomic bombing, and convey the cry of the many Hibakusha who died, repeating in their death beds “No one else should go through our suffer.” 

ACTION: More than 94,000 people have signed the petition so far. We encourage you to add your name

What If Russia Uses a Nuclear Bomb?

“In the “unlikely” event that President Putin uses a nuclear weapon, the resulting “living hell” would likely be witnessed by all the people in the world through internet and international broadcasts. The screaming and shouting of people suffering in agony and dying will be recorded and edited, and will forever be remembered as what “President Putin” did, and what “Russia” did.

“The “consequences greater than any you have faced in history”, as threatened by President Putin, means that President Putin and the Russian Federation could be remembered as those despised, disliked, and unwelcomed by the world for all time to come.’

“Those of us who know what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki do not want Russia as a nation to be seen as such, but more importantly, we urge with all of our voices that not a single person must suffer the same tragedy as the survivors of atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

Do NOT Use Nuclear Weapons! 

NoFirstUse Global is a network of organizations, academics, policy makers and civil society advocates working cooperatively for the adoption of no-first-use policies by nuclear-armed States, the support for such policies from nuclear allied countries, and the implementation of such policies to help achieve broader nuclear risk-reduction, non-proliferation and disarmament measures.

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