ACTION ALERT: No to Joe’s $813 Billion Pentagon Budget!

March 30th, 2022 - by Cole Harrison / Massachusetts Peace Action.

ACTION ALERT: Say No to Joe Biden’s
$813 Billion Pentagon Budget!

Cole Harrison / Massachusetts Peace Action

(March 28, 2022) — President Biden has requested an additional $31 billion to increase the Pentagon budget from this year’s already excessive level of $782 billion. But this money should be spent on YOUR needs!

The Ukraine war has been used as an excuse for this outrageous Pentagon budget — which is 12 times more than Russia’s military spending.   The Pentagon, which spends more than the next 11 countries combined, can easily afford to arm Ukraine and send more troops to Europe (though we oppose these steps) without additional funding.

The rapid increases in the Pentagon budget are making us less safe, even as war rages in Ukraine. They will only raise tensions with Russia and China, prepare for a superpower conflict, and put innocent people at risk.  Biden’s “This man cannot remain in power” comment on Saturday reminds us that all-out Cold War with Russia and China are the order of the day in Washington — and the $813 billion Pentagon budget shows us exactly how Biden intends to carry out that mission.

Instead of war and superpower brinksmanship, we need better public health care, child care, funding for medical research and affordable housing, and an urgent battle against climate change.

Biden’s budget spends 18 times more on the military than it does on the climate emergency. Those domestic needs are not being met and many families are fearful for their economic security as inflation looms in the country.

Biden’s plan to spend $50.9 billion on nuclear weapons poses a disastrous threat to Americans and to all life on earth.  We should instead freeze our nuclear weapons spending and urgently negotiate abolition of the world’s nuclear weapons.

The US has been spending so much on war and enriching corporate profiteers, while ignoring the needs at home.  Help us to stop this atrocious military budget now — because the only ones who are going to benefit from this are contractors who profit off human suffering!

ACTION: Please use our easy tool to Contact your Senators and Representative in Congress. Tell them to reject the outrageous $813 pentagon Budget!  It’s a dark hour, but we have to stand firm for peace!

Cole Harrison is Executive Director of Massachusetts Peace Action.

ACTION: We Don’t Need a Larger Pentagon Budget

We cannot afford an outrageous military budget of $813 billion when society needs that money!

On Monday, President Biden unveiled a budget for the next fiscal year that includes a record $813 billion in funds for the Pentagon.  This increase of $31 billion from the previous level should instead be spent on domestic needs such as health care, affordable housing, child care, and clean energy, just to name a few of the many areas.

Increasing the military budget will not solve any problems that society is facing and it will definitely not make us safer, nor will it end the war in Ukraine. The increased military budget will only raise tensions with Russia and China, prepare for a superpower conflict, and put innocent people at risk.

Tell Biden: “We need money to build and restore: Not to bomb and destroy”