ACTION ALERT: Stop Making the Bomb

June 14th, 2022 - by

ACTION ALERT: Stop Making the Bomb

(June 12, 2022) — We need to be calling and writing our legislators and the president demanding an end to nuclear weapons. If a million people do so, it will get their attention. This petition, a call to action on, includes the phone number for the US Congress switchboard and asks signers to call their representative and senators and urge them to work for nuclear disarmament. It also includes the link to the White House comment page where you can ask President Biden to lead the world in abolishing nuclear weapons.

President Biden, I voted for you and have deeply regretted it. You have proved to be a war-monger. There are over 550,00 homeless people in the US. Put money toward helping people in your own country, not killing innocent people in other countries. No more money should be wasted on outlawed nuclear weapons

Abolish Nuclear Weapons
Concerned Citizen Petition to President Joseph R. Biden

We must abolish nuclear weapons.
As tensions rise between the US and Russia, the threat of nuclear holocaust is now greater than it has ever been. Our very existence is on the line, and that’s no exaggeration.

Our nuclear bombs threaten our security.
Clearly they don’t work as a “deterrent” against war. Instead, the more nukes there are, the more likely they’ll be used – either accidentally by a computer error or a human mistake, or intentionally by an insane leader.

Mass murder is their only purpose.
President Biden said nuclear weapons should never be used and a nuclear war should never be fought – because everyone will lose. Pope Francis calls for abolishing nuclear weapons because it’s immoral to possess them.

Yet the US possesses thousands of nuclear bombs.
Each of them can incinerate a city in a flash, killing millions. We have enough nukes to annihilate life on earth. We’ve got to eradicate them.

But wait – we’re making more nukes?
Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico is now increasing production of the nuclear bomb cores, with plans to be making 30 new bomb cores per year by 2026, and at least 80 per year by 2030 – for the nuclear weapons “modernization” program.

“Modernization” is a nice way of saying they’re developing more horrific nukes than ever. How can we eliminate nuclear bombs while we continue pouring $billions into making them?  We have to stop their production, then divert those $billions toward dismantling our current arsenal.

It’s a stunning waste of taxpayer money.
To produce one nuclear bomb core costs $50 million. That’s 667 nurses’ salaries. The whole nuclear weapons “modernization” program is costing us $60 to $70 billion annually. We could end hunger all across America for $25 billion.

Even the production of nukes risks a radiologic catastrophe.
To make nuclear bomb cores requires processing tons of radioactive plutonium, the most toxic substance known. Los Alamos National Lab is seasonally threatened by intense wildfires, besides being in an earthquake hazard zone. What could go wrong?

Our nation invented weapons of mass destruction, leading other nations like Russia to make their own nukes, which led to their proliferation around the world. So isn’t it our responsibility to lead the world in eliminating them?

Citizens must speak up now.
We have to persuade Congress and the President to end nuke production and get busy dismantling them.

1) Contact the President at Tell him to LEAD THE WORLD IN ABOLISHING NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

2) Call your representative and senators. The US Capitol switchboard will connect you: 202-224-3121.

This is not a typical petition — it’s asking you to speak up and demand an end to nukes. When you sign it, you are confirming that you have contacted the White House and Congress or will do so. We need a flood of citizen comments to get the federal government to listen.

Please forward this to everyone you know who’s concerned.