Iran Makes Bid to Revive Nuclear Accord: US Politicians Say ‘No Way’

June 21st, 2022 - by Jason Ditz /

Iran Drops Call for IRGC Delisting
To Be Part of Nuclear Deal

Jason Ditz /

(June 19, 2022) — The US has ruled out removing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from the terror watchlist, and has used that refusal to stall the ongoing nuclear talks. Iran is trying to break that stalemate.

Iran has now formally dropped the conditions of IRGC delisting, and are interested in reviving the nuclear deal process, said to be very close to finalized, without that obstacle.

Iran had often suggested this was just a possible topic, and taking it off the table may allow the nuclear talks to progress for the first time in months.

The US has not publicly responded to the move yet, but has seemed to be content to present the talks as irrevocably stalled and practically dead, so it may take some time to convince them to return to the table.

US Senators Say New Iran Deal Unlikely:
Administration Claims Iran Not Accepting Offers

Jason Ditz /

(June 19, 2022) — Senators from both parties have been briefed on the US position on the Iran nuclear talks, and are coming out pessimistic about the chances of any deal resulting.

The administration says they have an offer on the table, but they don’t think Iran will accept it. It’s not clear what this offer is, but Iran seems to be trying to get back to the table for talks, dropping the calls for the IRGC to be delisted from the terror list to try to get the deal on track.

Indications a few months ago were that the talks were practically over and a deal was within reach. Nothing concrete seems to have happened since then, and the US has been exclusively negative in comments since then.

This leads to the apparent state of affairs where the US has an offer outstanding but doesn’t intend for it to be accepted. The risk, as often when the US goes down this path, is that the other side agrees and they are drawn into a deal in spite of the administration’s intentions.

Iran Informs IAEA of Plan to
Increase Enrichment With New Centrifuges

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(June 20, 2022) — According to Reuters, a new IAEA report details Iran’s plan to install advanced new IR-6 centrifuges at the underground Fordow enrichment site.

The IAEA is still seeking details. The new centrifuges are meant to be able to easily switch between levels, and can go from 5% to 20% enrichment easily. The IAEA is not clear which level they will initially be used for.

Neither of these enrichment levels is anywhere near a proliferation risk, far below the 90% considered weapons-grade. Though some nations express concern about the ease of switching levels, there is nothing illegal about it.

As with everything else done lately, this is seen as part of Iran’s retaliation for the IAEA rebuke resolution a couple of weeks prior. Iran has emphasized such moves are entirely reversible if a new nuclear deal is reached which precludes any of these activities.

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