Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s “Global Peace Commission”

August 16th, 2022 - by Sumit Arora / Current Affairs & Anurag Roushan / Republic World

Mexican President Proposes
A Global Peace Commission

Sumit Arora / Current Affairs

(Aug 13, 2022) — Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has proposed the creation of a global peace commission including Pope Francis, UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and Indian PM Narendra Modi.

The aim of the commission would be to present a proposal to stop the wars around the world and reach an agreement to seek a truce for at least five years.

The Mexican President is planning to submit a written proposal to the UN to create the commission.

Important Points:

  • The Mexican President has invited China, Russia, and the US to seek peace and to end warlike actions.
  • The proposed truce will help in reaching an agreement in the case of Taiwan, Israel and Palestine.
  • Leaders of the Member States are expected to participate in a session where the global body will discuss the crises in Ukraine, Palestine, and the regional tension over Taiwan.

Mexican President Proposes
Three-member Panel For World Peace

Anurag Roushan  / Republic World

(August 10, 2022) — Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war and growing tension in the Asia Pacific region, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is considering to submit a written proposal to the United Nations, seeking to set up a commission to promote a five-year ceasefire without war or trade wars across the world.

Addressing a press conference, the Mexican President stated that he has decided to propose the committee made of three personalities including Pope Francis, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, MSN News reported.

According to the Mexican President, the goal is for the three of them to get together, swiftly submit a plan to end the war across the world and come to an understanding to look for a truce lasting at least five years.

López Obrador also urged the United States, China and Russia to make an effort to end the war-like situations and work towards peace. He claimed that the world, which is suffering from record inflation and supply-chain problems, is being negatively impacted by geopolitical tensions between China, Taiwan, and the US.

AMLO Urges World to Stop Trade Conflicts
“Nations can agree on a truce of at least five years to be able to face the crisis affecting the people. A truce that ends the war, confrontation, and provocation. Once the fighting stops, let things stay as they are, especially the war between Russia and Ukraine,” Mexican President López Obrador remarked. He further stated that countries should stop their trade conflicts and use the UN’s framework to keep track of their relevant commitments.

Speaking about the escalating tension in the Asia Pacific region since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit, López Obrador opined that dialogue should take precedence over conflict.

The Mexican President further asserted that during the cease-fire, nations must cooperate to serve the underprivileged and advance economic development across the globe.

“No to provocations, no to war. We do not want hegemonies in the world. It is not too much to ask the United States, Russia, and China to accept this proposal, which could be raised in the United Nations,” López Obrador remarked.

It should be mentioned here that his comments came after US Speaker Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan, which prompted China to conduct massive military drills in the Asia Pacific, encircling Taiwan.

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