The Deadliest Current War Is Not in Europe

August 17th, 2022 - by Roots Action

The World’s Deadliest War
Has Been the One in Yemen

Roots Action

(August 16, 2022) — The Saudi-US war on Yemen has killed many more people than the war in Ukraine thus far, and the death and suffering continue despite a temporary truce.

Despite campaign promises, the Biden Administration and Congress keep the weapons flowing to Saudi Arabia, and keep the US military participating in the war.

Despite both houses of Congress voting to end US participation in the war when Trump had promised a veto, neither house has held a debate or a vote in the year-and-a-half since Trump left town.

A House resolution, HJRes87, has 113 cosponsors — more than were ever obtained by the resolution passed and vetoed by Trump — while SJRes56 in the Senate has 7 cosponsors. Yet no votes are held.

The War Powers Resolution allows any single member of Congress to compel a vote on ending any US war.

Meanwhile the truce has failed to open roads or ports; famine (potentially aggravated by the war in Ukraine) still threatens millions; and historic buildings are collapsing from rain and war damage.

CNN reports that, “While many in the international community celebrate [the truce], some families in Yemen are left watching their children slowly die. There are around 30,000 people with life-threatening diseases requiring treatment abroad, according to the Houthi-controlled government in the capital Sanaa. Some 5,000 of them are children.”

If the war has been paused, yet the peace needs to be made more stable, why in the world would Congress not vote to permanently end US participation immediately?

ACTION: The urgent moral need to do so — that Congress members spoke about three years ago — still is all too real. Why not act before more children die?

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