A Week of Actions for Ukraine and World Peace

September 12th, 2022 - by World BEYOND War

Thousands of Russians march for peace in Ukraine.

What We Can Do for Ukraine and the World Now

World BEYOND War

(September 12, 2022) — The President of Ukraine still says he’s opposed to a ceasefire or even negotiations. Maybe it’s the unlimited free weapons. Or maybe its the political pressure from the US and UK, not to mention the Ukrainian right.

There is a week of action all over the United States this week for peace in Ukraine. Here is a list of actions this week and how to create additional actions.

There will be more actions in October. RootsAction has formed a coalition called Defuse Nuclear War. Together with others, we’re planning three things:
Oct. 2: Livestream
Oct. 14: Picket Lines
Oct. 16: Events

Find all the details for October here.

The informational picket lines on Friday, October 14 will be on the last weekday before the 60th anniversary of the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis. They will present an opportunity for individuals and organizations to visibly convey their concerns. With activities outside congressional district offices and Senate in-state offices, the emphasis will be on actions that the US government should take now to reduce the present-day risks of nuclear war.

Find where picket lines are already planned and join them here.

Sign up to take a lead in organizing a new picket line that we can all help promote by filling out this form.

Do These Online Actions: 

Find more Ukraine resources at: 

Find sampleletters to editors here and modify them (or not) as you like and submit them to your local media outlets along with plans for your events.

The basic outlines of an agreement were known years before the Russian invasion and now include:  A comprehensive ceasefire.

  •   Withdrawal of Russian forces.
  •   A Ukrainian commitment to international neutrality.
  •   An agreement or referendum on the future of the Donbas region.

The US can support peace by:  Agreeing to lift sanctions if Russia keeps its side of a peace agreement.

  •   Committing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine instead of more weapons.
  •   Ruling out further escalation of the war.
  •   Agreeing to end NATO expansion and committing to renewed diplomacy with Russia.
  •   Supporting international law, not weaponizing it.

Also join an upcoming free online public debate on September 21st on the question of whether war can ever be justified: learn more.

And did you catch our recent webinar on the alternative to war presented by The Singing Revolution?  Here is an excerpt from the film followed by a webinat featuring the documentaries filmmakers:

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