War Is Not Green

September 21st, 2022 - by CODEPINK

How Militarism Fuels the Climate Crisis
And What You Can Do About It


(September 9, 2022) — It’s time to talk about militarism and the destruction of our planet. We are living in the midst of a climate and ecological emergency. Instead of responding to this emergency by investing in community needs and transitioning away from fossil fuels, the US government is investing more in militarism to maintain imperial control over a dying planet.

Militarization must stop. We cannot allow our government to prioritize power over people any longer.

Our speakers, including Vijay Prashad, Abby Martin, Todd Miller, and Greta Zarro, and others talk about how militarism and climate change are creating a crisis at the border, COP27, the rising threat of nuclear warfare, the importance of fossil fuels in the war in Ukraine, how the US military contributes to environmental catastrophes, and more.

We’re facing an unprecedented emergency for people and planet. It’s time to gather and fight for our future.


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