ACTION: For Mahsa Amini and All of Iran’s Women

September 27th, 2022 - by Hanieh Jodat / CODEPINK

Jina Mahsa Amini

Support Iranian Women by Lifting
US Sanctions That Are Crushing Them

Hanieh Jodat / CODEPINK

(September 25, 2022) — With a heavy heart, I stand with millions of Iranians, particularly my brave Iranian sisters, who have taken to the streets of Tehran, and every corner of their country, protesting the death of Jina Mahsa Amini. Twenty-two-year-old Mahsa died in custody of the “morality police” after being detained for revealing strands of hair under her hijab.

I stand today in solidarity with the courageous women in Iran demanding control over their bodies, while clenching their fists in their fight for self-determination and freedom. Support Iranian women by calling on the US to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal and lift sanctions on millions of women in Iran!

While visiting Tehran from her home in Kurdistan province, Mahsa was picked up by this vigilante-like police force, who accused her of violating dress rules that mandate covered hair and loose-fitting robes for women. Photos and her brother and father’s accounts report that she was beaten in custody, while the Iranian government claims she died from a sudden heart attack and released highly edited video footage that only shows her collapse.

This young woman should never have been detained in the custody of forces who continue to trample on women’s rights by means of religion that serves to justify an oppressive and patriarchal ideology.

Whether in the streets of Tehran, Mazandaran, Kurdistan or in the suburbs of the United States of America, it is unacceptable and unjust for a government anywhere in the world to dictate to women how they must dress or conduct their personal lives. This is why we, in the US, are protesting the US Supreme Court’s failure to protect women’s reproductive rights.

Mahsa Amini in extensive care shortly before her death.

In the case of Iran, a land I call home, I denounce government violence against the protesters, and I hope that the protests around the country will result not only in the elimination of the mandatory “hijab law” but also in the restoration of basic rights that the people of Iran are calling for.

While I take a stand for my Iranian sisters, I will be clear in my message that I do not want to see the hardliners in both the US and Iran, or any part of the world, take advantage of this tragedy to further their agenda in sabotaging the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA).

I want to be clear that as a result of unilateral and secondary extreme sanctions, Iranian women have been suffering from a lack of basic human necessities: food and medicine. This nuclear deal must be revitalized to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon that will entrench this government in power, and to move the US government to lift the sanctions that have been making life so difficult for millions of Iranians.

I call on the Biden administration to immediately rejoin the Iran nuclear deal that Trump abandoned and to finally lift the sanctions crushing Iranian women and their families. A return to the JCPOA is vital to promote peace in the Middle East.

Add your name to my calls on the Biden administration!


Dear President Biden,

We, the undersigned, are writing to you to demand the US rejoin the JCPOA immediately. We are concerned about the protests in Iran in the aftermath of the murder of Mahsa Amini and we demand the US lift the brutal sanctions that harm millions of Iranian women every day. The women of Iran are capable of deciding their future without US coercion or intervention. We ask no further sanctions be put on Iran.

The additional sanctions imposed on Iranian women when the Trump Administration pulled out of the deal have caused a great deal of suffering. Despite having openings for humanitarian assistance, the sanctions intimidated other countries and organizations from doing any transactions with Iran. As a result, epilepsy and cancer patients often lacked access to their medicines and treatments.

Rejoining the JCPOA means lifting of some of the sanctions that have been punishing the Iranian people for years. 17 Iranian banks will have sanctions against them lifted, making it easier to process humanitarian aid and business transactions. Sanctions on 150 major businesses will be lifted and $7 billion in funds frozen in South Korea will be returned. This will all help the Iranian women demanding justice for Mahsa.

But many non-nuclear sanctions will remain and will continue to limit Iran’s economic activity. Once the JCPOA is solidified, we hope you will turn your attention to lifting the remainder of the sanctions that continue to harm the women of Iran.

Towards Justice, Hanieh Jodat and the whole CODEPINK team.