Terrifying Escalations: US/NATO Engage With Troops in Poland and Norway

November 15th, 2022 - by TASS & WarNews247 & Armstrong Economics

NATO Member-state Poland Now Has
Thousands of Troops Fighting Russia in Ukraine


MELITOPOL (November 11, 2022) — The command of the Ukrainian armed forces is increasing the group of foreign mercenaries in the Zaporozhye direction, Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the ‘We Are Together with Russia’ movement, told TASS on Friday.

“The total number of foreign mercenaries in the Zaporozhye direction is much bigger than five thousand Poles,” he said, without specifying the total number of mercenaries or combined Ukrainian forces in the region. According to his estimates from October 31, the group of mercenaries of different nationalities in the Ukrainian-controlled territory of the Zaporozhye Region amounted to over 7,000 people.

“The mercenaries mostly make up barrier troops, if we are talking about the Poles. The assault troops, made up of Ukrainian citizens, are directly on the front line, they are thrown in to be slaughtered. Now a fist is being formed, and it is multi-layered: first come the Ukrainian servicemen and the territorial defense forces, which are thrown into battle first.

They are backed up by the Poles and national battalions, then come the special operations forces and mercenaries. That is how they try to break through,” Rogov said.

He recalled that the presence of militants from 34 countries was confirmed on the Zaporozhye line of contact a week ago. Rogov earlier told TASS that regular units of the Polish armed forces, legalized through the so-called Ukrainian Foreign Legion, are acting as Polish mercenaries.

NATO/Polish/Russian Forces Clash in Ukraine:
First Land Clash in History: A Missed Opportunity


(November 10, 2022) — The first covert conflict between NATO and Russian forces is recorded in Kherson and other regions of Ukraine as numerous Russian sources testify. The Russians are not simply talking about mercenaries but about a regular Army of foreign countries and mainly Poland equipped with NATO weapons.

The videos you will see are characteristic.

“Ukrainian” forces were spotted massing dozens of VAB, FV103 Spartan, Husky TSV, Kozak-2, M777A2 and FH70 155mm guns, Czech RM-70 MLRS, M113 and Turkish Kirpi in the direction of Kherson.

Vladimir Rogov, head of the “Together with Russia” movement, emphasized that Polish soldiers are fighting alongside Ukrainians on the Zaporizhia front and elsewhere.

“Officially, they are all members of the International Legion of the Ukrainian armed forces, although we know that there are members of the Polish army who are supposed to be on leave.

It would be difficult to recruit such a large number of mercenaries from Poland,” he emphasized, speaking to the Russian news agency TASS.

As he says, not so many Polish private military companies are active, but some of them are already involved in military conflicts in Kharkiv and Donbass.

“These are regular military units of the Polish army that have been authorized by the International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to participate in the battles,” Rogov emphasized, noting that the mercenaries fighting in Zaporizhia may be more than 50% of the total military force in the area.

NATO Army in Kherson…

Video shows gathering of British FV103 Spartans in Kherson

On November 5, shortly before the order to withdraw Russian forces from Kherson, there was a large concentration of forces near the front line in the direction of Kherson.

The video showed dozens of VAB, FV103 Spartan, Husky TSV, Kozak-2 and other units of the 46th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This video took some Russians by surprise and caused criticism of the Russian intelligence services.

Several said the video demonstrated “yet another example of the lack of proper aerial reconnaissance and the potential for subsequent destruction due to the lack of long-range precision weapons in the Russian aerospace forces.”

In addition, they assume that “this equipment is safe and harmless”, that is , no one will touch it, “it will participate in the upcoming attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” in this sector of the front.

Indeed, the Russians missed a unique opportunity to level the entire NATO equipment in Kherson as it was uncovered without anti-aircraft protection…

To watch video, click this link [use a Firefox translate app (in Firefox) for automatic page translation]

Russian Paratroopers and Marines
Repulse Attack by Polish Tanks

According to Russian sources, shortly before the retreat from Kherson was ordered, Russian forces were attacked in the village of Pravdino (23 km west of Kherson) by a large number of foreign heavy equipment.

In the direction of Berislav, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were attacked by M777A2 and FH70 155 mm guns. After that, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to penetrate the defense line of Russian troops in the Sablukovka, Kachkarovka and Sukhanov areas with the support of Czech RM-70 MLRS and Polish Krab self-propelled guns of the 406th separate artillery brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, the enemy equipment was successfully attacked by Russian Lancet-3 kamikaze drones.

Further, at the positions of the 83rd Airborne Assault Brigade and the 126th Coastal Defense Brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Borozenskoye — Sukhanovo — Kachkarovka section, two motorized battalions with BMP-2 and BTR were found near Polish T-72M1 tanks of the 17th Ukrainian Tank Brigade of the 60th Separate Mechanized Brigade.

In the area were M113s and about a dozen Turkish Kirpi armored vehicles of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade.

These forces were spotted by Orlan-30 drones, followed by fire from Giacint-B self-propelled guns and Malka guns.

In addition, 8 km from Sukhanov and Piatikhatki, enemy forces came under fire from Russian Mi-28N helicopters.

The Russian attack also involved T-90M tanks, which received information about the movement of enemy troops from Orlan-10 and Forpost-R UAVs.

As a result of the successful actions of the Russian forces, the Ukrainian 128th Mountain Brigade and the 46th Aviation Brigade lost 25 and 18 servicemen, respectively.

Duel between Polish T-72M1 and Russian T-72B3

The video showing a duel between tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is typical.

The Polish T-72M1 tank, having entered the firing position, faced the Russian T-72B3. The tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was hit and its crew members fled. Meanwhile, the Russians report that the Ukrainians are transporting a large number of mercenaries from Western countries. These mercenaries are classified in the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

[To watch video, click this link and use a Firefox translate app (in Firefox) for automatic page translation]

Watch video of the Russian tank attack
[To watch video, click this link and use a Firefox translate app (in Firefox) for automatic page translation]

Battles in the woods. The Ukrainians carry a Polish RGP-40 launcher
[To watch video, click this link and use a Firefox translate app (in Firefox) for automatic page translation]

Polish Forces Also at Liman

At the same time, during surveillance flights by Russian UAVs, a group of mercenaries from Poland was detected hiding in an area in Liman. Russian artillery fire followed soon after. Four Poles were killed.

[To watch video, click this link and use a Firefox translate app (in Firefox) for automatic page translation]

US to Manage Norway’s Defenses

Armstrong Economics

(November 11, 2022) — A contact from Norway shared this article, as the topic has not been discussed in the US media. NATO is forming a world army, as we have seen with troops being sent throughout Europe to train forces, specifically Eastern European forces. The northern nation of Norway has announced that the US will begin to manage its defenses.

Chief of Defense Eirik Kristoffersen predicts that Norway will be part of the area responsible for mobilizing a joint NATO command center. A final decision will be made during the first half of 2023. NATO currently has a command center in Bussum, Netherlands, which was activated in February as soon as the war began. Kristofferson said that the joint NATO venture is being led by the US Marines — first ones in, last ones out.

Once Sweden and Finland become full NATO members, they will join the joint NATO army. Finland has stated that it wants to be under the control of US forces, which was one of their premises when they decided to join the alliance. The Nordic alliance remains strong, and Norway’s strategic placement will allow it to become the center of operations. With the powerful backing of the world’s most powerful military, NATO’s army will grow. They are preparing.

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