Rock-throwing Syrian Villagers Force US Army Convoy to Retreat

November 20th, 2022 - by News Desk / The Cradle

Villagers armed with shovels repel US convoy in 2020

News Desk / The Cradle

(November 16, 2022) — Despite the growing discontent, the US has recently expressed that it has no plans either to withdraw from Syria or to end its draconian sanction policy against Damascus.

According to local reports, a US military convoy was forced to return to its illegal military base in Syria on 16 November after being expelled by local Syrians in Qamishli.

A video posted on the social media platform Twitter shows locals attacking the convoy near the village of Al-Buladia with stones and forcing it to return.

Residents of the village of Al-Buladia in the countryside of Qamishli, with the support of the Syrian Arab Army, expelled an American armored convoy that tried to enter their village.

US armored vehicles pass through Qamishli in 2019, heading toward oil fields in northeastern Syria.

The Cradle has extensively reported similar incidents in recent weeks, as locals and the Syrian Arab Army have blocked US forces from accessing government-controlled areas.

The Damascus government repeatedly denounced the illegal presence of US troops, which it described as an occupation, and assured that the Pentagon’s actions in Syria encourage terrorist activity and aim at destabilizing the country and plundering its resources.

An exclusive investigation by The Cradle details the process of the oil smuggling operation by US forces and the use of several illegal border crossings leading to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR).

Meanwhile, the Arab Tayy tribe has called for an end to the illegal occupation of Syria by US troops and says it is refusing to attend any gathering under the auspices of the US in Hasakah Governorate.

In a statement published by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) on 9 November, tribe leaders said they remain one of the “major pillars of confronting terrorism, rejecting all its forms, financiers and supporters represented by the American occupation forces.”

The statement goes on to say that the US army “came under cover of fake democracy to pass its looting policy and spreading the culture of murder in the region to hide its crimes.”

The US-led international coalition forces operating in northeastern Syria intend to establish a new military base in their controlled areas in the countryside of Raqqa.

Local sources said on 7 November that a convoy of US forces, including several armored military vehicles, arrived in Raqqa city to prepare to install a new base in the area.

On the field, the illegal troops began transferring the logistical equipment and necessary gear to the specified location, coinciding with heavy surveillance drone activity.

The US army and international coalition occupy at least 28 declared military sites in Syria, distributed over three provinces, mainly Hasakah (17 sites), Deir Ezzor(nine locations), and Homs (two areas).

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