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November 28th, 2022 - by Jodie Evans / CODEPINK

Celebrating CODEPINK’s 20th Anniversary

Jodie Evans / CODEPINK

This is CODEPINK’s 20th anniversary. For two decades, CODEPINK has been crashing the parties of the powerful, demanding peace and justice and opposing US-led wars all over the world. (Check out our recent disruption of Lockheed Martin below.) We are extremely grateful that you’ve been by our side through all of it.

We’re at an incredibly important juncture — nuclear war is looming and climate catastrophe is upon us. Peace needs our leadership now more than ever. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last 20 years it’s that peace-building is no easy task, nor can it be done alone.

The war machine is on steroids — your support is critical in helping us continue our efforts for peace and justice.

Giving Tuesday is just two days away. We are *so* close to hitting our goal to raise $25,000. A generous donor will match that amount — please consider chipping in what you can and help us blow past our goal!
For people, planet, peace, and a future,

For CODEPINK’s 21st Year, We Pledge To:

  • Expose the Pentagonfor being the biggest polluter on Earth, holding it accountable for the staggering cost of war we and our planet have experienced these last 20 years
    •   Disrupt weapons giants like Lockheed Martin to end the F-35 warplane program with a coalition of 200+ members
    •   Call out politicians who take money from weapons companies and vote for increased Pentagon budgets against the interests of the people
    •   Demand diplomacy with Russia and China, not further escalation
    •   Build our movement through community canvasses and local peace economy projects that nourish our communities
    •   Advocate justice for Palestine
    •   End sanctions on countries like Iran, Venezuela, and of course, Cuba
    •   Stand with the peoples of Guam and Hawai’i against the US military’s destruction of their homelands

For twenty years, we’ve been disrupting and organizing with your love, support, and generosity. We’ll only stop when the wars do. Till then, we can’t do it without your support.

“Lockheed Martin Is a War Profiteer!
CODEPINK Confronts Lockheed Martin CEO

WASHINGTON (November 16, 2022) — CODEPINK organizer Olivia DiNucci disrupted a talk with the CEO of Lockheed Martin Jim Taiclet at the Politico America’s Defense Strategy Conference on Wednesday.

DiNucci was carried off the stage and removed from the conference after she unfurled a banner that read “Lockheed Loves War.” She continued to shout “Lockheed Martin is a War Profiteer” as she was escorted out of the conference and building.

The conference comes at a time just before Congress will finish the process of passing the National Defense Authorization Act which funnels billions to companies like Lockheed Martin every year. 70% of Lockheed Martin’s annual revenue comes directly from the US government and American tax dollars.

“Every year Lockheed Martin pours money into political campaigns and secures billions of dollars from the American taxpayer,” states DiNucci. “Lockheed Martin and its CEO Jim Taiclet make a fortune off the suffering of the people of Yemen and Palestine and off the destruction of the planet. The war profiteers need to be called out.”

The Politico defense conference came together to answer questions such as “Where should the Pentagon be investing its resources to modernize weapons to keep up with the acceleration of tech in warfare?” and “How is the US retooling its defense strategy, military and spending, and the training of troops in response to Russia’s aggression in Europe, China’s rise, and other global threats?”

The conference sponsors include Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies, two of the world’s biggest weapons companies.

Notably one question not being asked — what is the United States going to do about its very own military being the world’s largest oil consumer and causing more greenhouse gas emissions than 140 nations combined? Or why over 64% of our government’s discretionary spending is siphoned off to the Pentagon every year?

Until news organizations start asking those questions, private weapons companies like Lockheed Martin, will continue to receive Pentagon contracts and selfishly place their short-term profit above the future of our planet.

You can view Olivia’s disruption here: https://twitter.com/codepink/status/1592947321419235328?s=20&t=PXYPi0CHfXGNcv2oy6hvrg

Double Your Support
A generous donor has offered to match your donations up to $25,000. Any amount you donate between now and November 29 will have an even bigger impact! Will you continue investing in the hard work of peace in 2023? 

With endless love, appreciation and determination,
Ann, Danaka, Farida, Grace, Isabella, Justina, Jodie, Kelly, Lola, Marcy, Maha, Mark, Medea, Melissa, Michelle, Nancy, Olivia, Paki, Sam, Shea, Samantha, Teddy, Teri, Tim, Ysabel and Wei

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