ACTION ALERT: Senate to Vote on War in Yemen

December 13th, 2022 - by Jon Rainwater / Peace Action and ActionNetwork

ACTION ALERT: Senate to Vote This Week on
US Support for Saudi War on Yemen

Jon Rainwater / Peace Action and ActionNetwork

WASHINGTON (December 12, 2022) — We’re getting word that the US Senate could vote THIS WEEK on a War Powers Resolution to bring an end to US support for this horrific humanitarian tragedy.

This is an all-hands-on-deck moment!
Please sign and send this petition to your senators urging them to cosponsor the War Powers Resolution to end US support for the war in Yemen!

The Saudi-led war in Yemen has killed an estimated 377,000 people and exposed tens of millions of Yemenis to horrific famine. The United States has actively perpetuated this unconscionable war for the past seven years — but Congress has an opportunity to change that, this week!

So long as the US supports Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars in weaponry and military contracts, we are actively supporting a repressive regime that imprisons and murders dissidents and that is perpetrating the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.

On the campaign trail, President Biden pledged to end US involvement in the Saudi-United Arab Emirates-led war in Yemen. Since then, the US has continued to approve billions of dollars in weaponry and military contracts to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. In August, President Biden approved an additional $5.2 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

After eight years of war, hundreds of thousands of Yemeni civilians have died, 2 million children are suffering from acute malnutrition, a blockade is preventing food, fuel, aid, and medical supplies from reaching the Yemeni people, and airstrikes continue to  bombard civilian infrastructure.

Both the House and Senate have passed Yemen War Powers resolutions in recent years, only to have them vetoed by former President Trump. With all the uncertainty the upcoming new Congress will bring in the coming year, this could be our last best chance to fully commit the US to end all participation in this brutal war. This is a pivotal time for the Yemeni people, and an opportunity to help end the greatest humanitarian crisis on our planet.

I’m a constituent and I’m writing to urge you to cosponsor the Yemen War Powers Resolution (S.J.Res.56) to end unauthorized US support for the Saudi- and UAE-led coalition’s brutal war on Yemen. I’m calling on you to also urge the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees to support this effort — it’s critical that Chairmen Reed and Menendez co-sponsor.

Seven years of war in Yemen has created one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, and I believe that the US should not be complicit in the deaths of more civilians. The imminent floor vote on the Yemen WPR represents the last chance for the 117th Congress to end US support for this unconscionable war.

ACTION: Please sign and send the petition to your senators to demand they cosponsor the War Powers Resolution to end US support for the war in Yemen!

Jon Rainwater is the Executive Director of Peace Action

US supports bombing of Yemen civilians — a war crime.

What Else Can You Do?
The most powerful thing you can do next is dial 1-833-STOP–WAR to urge your members of Congress to vote in support of the Yemen War Powers Resolution.

After calling, please email with the subject line “Yemen” and let us know where your members of Congress stands on this important issue.

What else? Turn up the pressure by tweeting at your members of Congress! Enter your zip code and we’ll generate a tweet tagging your members of Congress. You will then be able to edit and send it!

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