Oil Lobby, Arms Lobby, and Extreme Weather Costs

December 30th, 2022 - by Win Without War

The Oil Lobby and the Weapons Lobby:
A Match Made in Hell

Win Without War

(December 2022) Every 18 days, the United States faces a climate disaster that causes at least ONE BILLION dollars in damage.

Hurricane Ian struck Florida and the Carolinas with such a force it inflicted 67 billion dollars worth of damage. Ian is now the costliest storm in Florida’s history, and the second costliest storm nationally.

From hurricanes to wildfires, droughts and more — there is a cost to climate change. We can’t keep pumping fossil fuels into the atmosphere without restraint. The bill comes due.

But politicians in Washington can’t let go of fossil fuels. And it looks like Senator Joe Manchin is trying to tack on his legislation to permit even more oil and gas drilling to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

The oil industry and the weapons industry coming together? What could go wrong…

The Senate is coming back into session right after the elections to wrap up some key legislation before the year is over. And that includes the NDAA. And while everyone is getting ready to log off for the holiday season — that’s not us. We’re getting ready to fight to keep disastrous provisions like drilling more oil and gas out of the NDAA.

Hurricane Ian is the 15th billion-dollar disaster to hit just this year alone. And what’s even more disturbing is how frequently these deadly, costly climate disasters are happening. Back in the 1980s, this kind of billion dollar climate disaster occurred every 82 days. Now, it’s every 18 days.

And if you’re wondering what the other billion dollar disasters for this year are, buckle up, it’s a doozy. Wildfires in the west, drought and heatwave that swept through the plains, flooding in Kentucky, derecho that swept through the midwest, tornado outbreaks, and even more hurricanes. That’s all in 2022.

We know what’s making climate change worse, it’s fossil fuels. But a certain senator is planning on giving oil and gas companies have an even easier time drilling to extract more. But together we can stop this from happening.

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