ACTION ALERT: Global Appeal for Peace

January 30th, 2023 - by Dr. Klaus Moegling / Action Network

ACTION ALERT: Global Appeal for Peace

Dr. Klaus Moegling / Action Network

IMMENHAUSEN, Germany (January 28, 2023) — The Appeal for Peace was edited and initiated by Bernhard Trautvetter, Karl-Wilhelm Koch and Dr. Klaus Moegling (all fromGermany). Karl-Heinz Hinrichs (Austria) also built an initial supporter list in coordination with our work. The international initial signatory list was created with support from Ulla Klötzer (Finland). More than 2,440 people have already signed on the petition.

It is only now starting to go public more intensively and targeting national governments, the Commission of the European Union, members of the European Parliament, the UN Secretary General, and individuals in Europe, the USA, Canada and worldwide.

Recently we have seen a decision to deliver the Marder infantry fighting vehicle and to deliver the Leopard 2 battle tank — and soon delivery of fighter jets? Where is all this to end? Responsible politicians must inform the population about the possible consequences of a military escalation with Russia! To pretend that a nuclear escalation — via nuclear power plants or the use of nuclear bombs — is completely out of the question, is irresponsible towards the people! This must be made clear to the public.

Please Sign the Appeal at this Link:

Text of the Appeal for Peace

The worldwide wars and the constantly accelerated high armament stand in the way of overcoming the ecological crisis.

The arsenals of the nuclear powers and the more than 400 nuclear reactors worldwide as well as the ecological tipping points of climate and other ecological catastrophes as well as the international rivalry are a constantly increasing danger for the future of mankind.

There will be a future of mankind only if it becomes a peaceful one. This involves peace within the societies and between nations as well as in peace with nature.

This requires international cooperation instead of rivalry and enmity.

We warn, in view of the warnings from Sharm El Sheikh, against a renewed loss of time, which humanity can no longer afford.

According to SIPRI, the official 2100 annual billion (in US $) world arms expenditures cause on the one hand a burden on the ecosphere with combustion exhaust gases, on the other hand a destruction of resources on an equally existentially damaging scale, whereby among other things resources for social programs as well as education and the fight against famine are lacking.

The Charter of Paris Treaty (1990) imposed on the treaty-states the task of working for a world peace order that takes into account the security interests of all states. This is the key to overcoming rivalry:

“We, the Heads of State or Government of the States participating in the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe, have assembled in Paris at a time of profound change and historic expectations. The era of confrontation and division of Europe has ended. We declare that henceforth our, relations will be founded on respect and cooperation.“

  • We therefore demand from the persons in power in the European Union, in the spirit of the 2+4 agreement, that it immediately and with the necessary diplomatic commitment advocate a high-level negotiation initiative, supported by the UN General Secretariat, to end the escalating war in Ukraine. The mutual killing and also the massive environmental destruction caused by war are no longer acceptable by the international community of peoples!
  • We demand a consistent ecology-policy and a turning away from the uncritical growth-thinking in order to avert the existential threat to the future of life on earth with a holistic approach. Accordingly, a state’s military-related emissions at home and abroad must also be attributed to its national CO2 climate report. We call on the persons responsible in the involved governments to advocate at international climate negotiations that there will no longer be any exclusion of military-related pollution in the documents of international climate negotiations.
  • We call for international disarmament coordinated by the UN instead of rearmament. In particular, we demand an end to nuclear armament, which endangers the existence of mankind even more severe after the denunciation of nuclear disarmament treaties and threats of mutual destruction. Therefore, we also demand the accession of the States in Europe and in NATO to the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

It’s now necessary to negotiate and settle effective diplomatic initiatives and civil society activities in the international framework!

Peace does not come from more war! Wars do not end in peace!

Only a policy that honestly addresses all potential dangers in a timely manner can avert the threats to the future of mankind.

We expect from the governments and from all people in power to take a clear position on this and to act consistently within the framework of international agreements!

List of first signatories

Prof. Dr. Claudia Brunner
(Centre for Peace Research and Peace Education, Department of Educational Science, University of Klagenfurt, Austria)

Karin Utas Carlsson, PHD
(Peace activist, education conflict resolution, Sweden)

Jan Gildemeister
(Executive director of Aktionsgemeinschaft Dienst für den Frieden (AGDF), Germany)

Dipl.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Hinrichs
(Founder of EVAL, peace and environment activist, Austria)

Mayeul Kauffmann, PHD
(President, Institut de recherche sur la Résolution Non-violente des Conflits (IRNC), France)

Ulla Klötzer
(Peace and environment activist, NGOs Women for Peace, Women Against Nuclear Power, Finland)

Karl-Wilhelm Koch
(Journalist and book author, member of the organization, ‘Independent Green Left’, Germany)

Lea Launokari
(Activist, Women for Peace, Finland)

May-May Meijer
(Founder/ Chair of the NGO Peace SOS, The Netherlands)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Moegling
(Scientists for Future, Democracy Without Borders, Germany)

Josef Mühlbauer
(Political Scientist, Varna Institute for Peace Research, Austria)

David Swanson
(Author and Journalist, Executive Director of the NGO, World Beyond War‘, USA)

Liss Schanke
(Member of WILPF Norway, Norway)

Bernhard Trautvetter
(Spokesman of the Essen Peace Forum, member of the German Peace Council, Germany)

Prof. Thomas Wallgren PHD
(Social activist, Finnish philosopher and Director of The von Wright and Wittgenstein Archives of the University of Helsinki, Finland)

(Responsible: Prof. Dr. Klaus Moegling, Germany,

“To pretend that a nuclear escalation — via nuclear power plants or the nuclear use of bombs — is completely out of the question is irresponsible towards the people!
This must be made clear to the public.”

Many thanks for your commitment to our common peace policy cause!

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. habil. Klaus Moegling, ret.
Am Ahlberg 10, 34376 Immenhausen, Germany