ACTION ALERT: Tell Joe: “Don’t Stop START”

February 23rd, 2023 - by Win Without War

Putin Breaks Nuclear Arms Control:
Today, You Can Help Apply the Glue

Win Without War

(February 22, 2023) — We’ve never been closer to seeing the entire global nuclear arms control regime dismantled.

Yesterday, Putin did his best to undo that crucial progress by suspending Russia’s participation in New START, the treaty that limits deployed nuclear weapons. Now, pressure is building for President Biden to pre-emptively and formally withdraw from the treaty in retaliation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The reality is, Putin can’t have his arms race if no one else is running.

What the world needs right now is continued, steadfast leadership from the US government. That requires a renewed commitment from the president to prioritize the crucial diplomacy necessary to build true security, and that means staying the course when it comes to arms control treaties.

With tensions so high, political space for President Biden to take that role is shrinking. But that’s where you come in. By adding your name to this petition, you can send President Biden a crucial reminder that no matter what the hawks say, YOU and people around the country want him to stay in New START.

Help us show the world that nuclear arms control remains a crucial priority. Add your name to call on President Biden to stay the course on New START!

Many of us poured our hearts and souls into getting the New START treaty ratified by the Senate in 2011. Now, after more than a decade of mutually beneficial cooperation and diplomacy, Putin has set the world on a new, more dangerous path.

The failure of New START would set us back nearly half a century, to a dangerous time when US and Russian (then-Soviet) nuclear arsenals were unrestricted.

Right now, the United States has deployed more nuclear weapons than any other country on earth, and our stockpiles are nearly the same as Russia’s. As one of the countries with the biggest nuclear arsenals, NOW is the moment for restraint and leadership.

From the campaign trail to the Oval Office, President Biden has been unequivocal that a nuclear war can NEVER be won. He’s staffed his administration with officials who agree. And we’ve seen him prioritize disarmament AND diplomacy.

The problem is that the president is about to face enormous pressure to turn the tide on all the commitments that help keep the world one step away from a doomsday scenario. Help push back on that noise by sending President Biden a crucial message today.

Sign now to tell President Biden: Stay Strong on Disarmament, Stay in New START!

Thank you for working for peace,
Yint, Sam, Stephen, and the Win Without War team