ACTION ALERT: On the Anniversary of Shock and Awe, America’s “Special Military Operation”

March 14th, 2023 - by Brian Becker / The ANSWER Coalition

ACTION ALERT: Major Anti-war Rally
In Washington on March 18, 2023
Brian Becker / The ANSWER Coalition

(March 12, 2023) — During the Trump administration, the Pentagon adopted a new strategy to prioritize major conflict with China and Russia. This strategy is designed to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. By preparing for war with major powers, it becomes all the more likely as all sides climb the escalation ladder.

The Biden White House accelerated this trend. All the nuclear arms treaties from the Cold War era have been destroyed. With no one pumping the brakes, the US is hurtling toward military confrontation with the other nuclear powers.

Instead of entering good faith negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, the US is set on escalation. Hundreds of billions of dollars of more advanced weapons are being shipped to Ukraine.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the goal is to “weaken Russia” forever. Instead of cooperating with China, the US is sending weapons and troops to Taiwan. This could not be more reckless or more dangerous!

The people of this country need to act and we are! A new anti-war movement is being built right now in the United States. Nothing is more important!

Thousands of people will be converging on Washington, DC on Saturday, March 18, the 20th anniversary of the criminal “Shock and Awe” invasion of Iraq. That was a war based on lies. Hundreds of thousands died needlessly. Yet, the lesson of the Iraq war is unlearned. Militarism and the threat of an even larger war is growing daily. 

The US is now spending almost $1 trillion each year for death and destruction. That’s greater than the next 20 countries combined. At the same time, poverty and homelessness is growing.

The ANSWER Coalition has been an anchoring force for the anti-war movement for more than 20 years. We helped create a broader coalition of organizations for the March 18 action that are uniting for a new-anti war movement. More than 200 organizations are now building for the March 18 action. Volunteers are now working around the clock to make March 18 a huge success.

Major mobilizations also require huge expenditures. Renting buses (more than $2,200 for each bus from New York City, for example), renting stage and sound, producing tens of thousands of leaflets and posters, other logistical equipment – all of these expenses must be paid now. All donations are tax-deductible.

In addition to the demonstration in Washington, DC, there will be coordinated actions that day in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and several other cities.

All out on March 18!

Brian Becker is the National Director of the ANSWER Coalition

Join the Climate Crisis & Militarism Contingent 
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The US military is the world’s largest institutional polluter, and beyond its unchecked massive release of carbon emissions its bases, weapons and vehicles leave a toxic legacy wherever they are. The health of many millions of people, and the future of the planet, is jeopardized everyday by the existence of the monstrous US war machine.

Join environmental activists and impacted communities on March 18 to help bring US militarism front-and-center in the climate movement.

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Climate Crisis & Militarism
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