ACTION ALERT: The Largest US-Philippines Military Exercise in History — Åpril 11-24, 2023

April 12th, 2023 - by Bayan USA

The military build-up is an unnecessary provocation that will put the Philippines in the line of fire between two superpowers.

Balikatan 2023 — A Month of Protest Against
Largest US-Philippines Military Exercise in History

Bayan USA

BAYAN USA calls for a Month of Protest against the largest joint US-Philippines military exercise in history. The Balikatan Exercises (meaning “shoulder-to-shoulder”) will bring 12,000 US troops to the country, joining 5,000 Filipino and more than 100 Australian troops, along with observers from Japan.

Ahead of its official start on April 11, the US has already docked the USS America amphibious assault ship and landed two F-22 Raptors in Clark Air Base.

Balikatan has almost doubled from its total size of 8,900 troops in 2022. The exercises will last until April 28, which also marks the anniversary of the Philippine government’s adoption of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

The EDCA allows for the creation and use of military facilities by US troops in agreed upon locations in the Philippines, which is a circumvention of the Philippine constitution that bans US military basing. In February 2023, the Philippines agreed to add four more US military bases under EDCA, bringing the total to nine.

The US’ military build up in the Philippines is an unnecessary provocation against China that will put the country in the line of fire between two superpowers. We remember the historical and current detriments of US basing, including violence against women, trans people, children, and the environment.

Join us in Actions Across the Month of April:

  • April 8, 4-7PM ET @ Malcolm X Park, Washington DC: Hands Off the Philippines: A Discussion on US Militarism & Art Build
  • April 10, 7PM ET @ Times Square, New York: US Out of the Philippines protest action
  • April 10, 4PM PT @ Crissy Field-East Beach, San Francisco: US Out of the Philippines protest action
  • April 14, 5PM PT / 8PM ET: Shoulder to Shoulder in Solidarity: A Teach-In on US Militarism in the Philippines (RSVP:
  • April 23: San Francisco Cordillera Day
  • April 24, 5PM PT / 8PM ET: End US-Backed War Crimes in the Philippines! An Online Teach-In on International Humanitarian Law (RSVP:
  • April 27: Nationwide protest actions on the anniversary of EDCA’s signing

Please contact for more information regarding any of the activities listed.

No to Balikatan War Games!

Junk EDCA!

US Out of the Philippines!

Fight for Philippine Sovereignty!