Crush G7 Summit for Imperialist Nuclear War

April 24th, 2023 - by Hiroshima Grand Action Organizing Committee

Crush G7 Summit for Imperialist Nuclear War

Hiroshima Grand Action Organizing Committee

HIROSHIMA, Japan (April 20, 2023) — Friends and Colleagues across the nation and all over the world! The G7 summit to be held in May in Hiroshima is a conference for nuclear war. Its aim is to escalate the war in Ukraine and prepare for a war on China, a nuclear war, initiated by US and Japanese imperialism.

Let’s crush the G7 Hiroshima summit to stop the war in Ukraine and to prevent a war on China and world nuclear war!

Stop the war in Ukraine immediately. The US Biden administration is escalating the war in Ukraine with the US National Security Strategy issued in October 2022, which prescribes to constrain Russia and to outcompete China.

It has been disclosed that the UK is going to deliver Ukraine depleted Uranium rounds, which inevitably expose not only Russian but also Ukrainian soldiers and civilians to radioactive particles. The lives of Ukrainian people are out of concern for those politicians.

The recent visit of Japanese Prime Minister Kishida to Ukraine means an open declaration of Japanese commitment in the war in Ukraine. Japanese delivery to Ukraine of lethal weapons is planned. The aim of the G7 summit is to reconfirm the consensus of G7 countries in escalating the war against Russia. The way for nuclear war seems to be without obstacle.

Let’s raise our voices: “Stop the war in Ukraine immediately!” “US /NATO and Putin of Russia, withdraw from Ukraine now!” “No to military aid! No to participation in the war!”

Let’s prevent US-Japanese war on China! Furthermore, an aggressive war on China is prepared and is ready to start by the initiative of US and Japanese imperialism.

The US Biden administration is training Taiwanese soldiers by mobilizing the National Guards and US military exercises are repeated in the nearby sea of China, a provocation of war. An aggressive war China could happen at every moment on the pretext of the “Taiwan contingency”.

In order to participate in war on China, the Kishida administration is rushing for a massive militarization by the cabinet decision of amending the Three Security Documents (National Security Strategy, National Defense Strategy and Defense Buildup Program) including the project of “possessing of enemy bases strike capabilities”.

A decisive step forward has been made to provide the whole land with long-range missiles and to restart and new construction of nuclear power plants with an aim of nuclear armament.

Okinawa-Ryukyu islands are planned to be transformed into the battlefield of the second Battle of Okinawa, and through repeated real military exercises these islands are going to be forward military bases, even taking advantage of the recent helicopter accident of the Self Defense Forces.

It is our absolute duty to prevent war on China, which will turn China, Taiwan, Okinawa-Ryukyu islands and the whole Japan into a nuclear battlefield.

Let’s organize a big demonstration to crush G7 summit!

The G7 Summit is a nuclear war conference against Russia and China. We shall never admit to hold a nuclear war conference in Hiroshima, a very A-bombed city.

The one and only answer of us, the working class of the whole world, is to overthrow our own ruling class of each country which promote war and urges us to kill each other, by the international solidarity against war.

Rise up for a struggle to crush G7 summit as an international anti-war struggle to prevent a war on China!

Join and/or endorse the struggle in Hiroshima from all over Japan and the whole world. Related Events:

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