ACTION ALERT: Say No to WWIII, Say Yes to Peace

April 27th, 2023 - by Veterans for Peace and CODEPINK and Peace in Ukraine


ACTION ALERT:Tell Biden, Putin & Zelensky:
No to WWIII;
Yes to a Ceasefire in Ukraine!
Veterans for Peace

TUCSON, Arizona (April 25, 2023) — Hello Progressives! Buzz Davis, Vets for Peace in Tucson here asking you to take a few minutes to sign on to a new petition started by many groups a few days ago urging negotiations rather than continued war in the Ukraine and possibly nuclear war in Eastern Europe that would spread within minutes to the World.

The above picture is from the New York Times a few days ago on a bleak day in the Ukraine. The day looks bleak and their world is bleak with death, wounding or starvation or disease any day for self and family.

Last year the United Nations reported 2 Billion of the nearly 8 Billion people living today were living in “conflict affected areas.” That means they did not spend, Sunday, as you and I did.

From these conflicts, or wars in reality, the UN says 84 Million have been displaced from their homes (or nations if they have the money to leave.)

Another 274 Million need humanitarian assistance.

Note: We have about 336 Million people living in the USA.

So what would it be like if all the people in America woke up, went outside and suddenly all their homes and apartments with all their belongings and food, money and electronic connections to their accounts disappeared into the earth.

For one thing we’d have an additional 330 million people needing help.

You may read the rest at:

So who the devil starts all these wars?

It is usually men playing games for power and wealth though they many times say they are just trying to help us people by PROTECTING US.

Sadly, the USA and other nations are constantly supplying weapons, and other means of destruction like nuclear weapons, to groups of people all over the world.

One site recently reported that the world spends over $2 Trillion a year on militaries, weapons and development of same. And many members of Congress and Pres. Biden seem proud that the USA alone spends nearly half that total!

It is call the Forever Wars.

So some good folks are trying to bring us back from the brink, back from the daily insanity we live in!!

ACTION ALERT: Yes to a Ceasefire in Ukraine!
CODEPINK and Peace in Ukraine

The world urgently needs a ceasefire and diplomacy in Ukraine before thousands more are killed and the war widens to include a direct war between the United States and Russia. Alongside the Peace in Ukraine Coalition, CODEPINK is asking you to:

Sign this Petition

                                        demanding vigorous diplomatic efforts

to end the war in Ukraine. 

No to World War Three

To build the movement needed to help end the war in Ukraine, we’ll need to reach more people. That’s why we’re raising funds to place this petition as an ad or series of ads in a major newspaper.

Please make a contribution towards publishing this petition as an ad campaign in a Capitol Hill newspaper.

The greater the number of signatures submitted and money raised will mean bigger and better ad placements. Together, we can build the movement needed to end the war in Ukraine.

To Presidents Biden, Putin and Zelensky:
It’s time to stop the killing and devastation.
Ceasefire & Peace Negotiations Now!

The war in Ukraine has taken hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian lives, uprooted millions, contaminated land, air and water and worsened the climate crisis.

The longer the war goes on, the greater the danger of spiraling escalation which can lead to a wider war, environmental devastation and nuclear annihilation.

The war diverts billions that could be addressing urgent human needs.

Total military victory cannot be achieved by either Russia or Ukraine.

It is time to support the calls by Pope Francis, United Nations Secretary-General Guterres, Presidents Lula de Silva of Brazil, Erdoğan of Turkey, Xi of China, and others for a ceasefire and a negotiated end to this calamitous war.

Stop the killing, agree to a ceasefire and begin negotiations!

Dear Peace in Ukraine Coalition Partner:
Please continue to circulate this petition calling on Biden, Putin and Zelensky to support a ceasefire and peace negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. The petition reads, “The longer the war drags on, the greater the danger of spiraling escalation, which can lead to a wider war, environmental devastation and nuclear annihilation.”

To date, we have raised $7,500 and have gathered nearly 5,000 signatures. Our goal is 10,000 signatures and $10,000 to publish the petition as a full-page ad in a widely read newspaper on Capitol Hill.

The petition and appeals, both from CODEPINK and Defuse Nuclear War, are posted at under ACT NOW.

  • Please ask at least 10 friends and fellow activists to sign the ceasefire petition to express support for a ceasefire and diplomacy to end the war. If you are active in another organization, please appeal to members to both sign the petition and give what they canto help us reach our goal.

The situation is urgent, as leaked Pentagon documents reveal US troops are already stationed in Ukraine, and thousands of US/NATO troops are on stand-by in Romania and Poland. Russia is installing short-range nuclear weapons in Belarus and NATO has sent a missile “defense system” to Ukraine.

Link for Individual Signers

Link for Organizational Endorsers

Link for Donations to Publish the Petition in an Ad

The petition/ad campaign will end in late May or early June with a petition delivery event to the Biden administration, Congress and embassies in Washington, DC.

Thank you in advance for your support for a more peaceful world. Finally, scroll to see a list of the organizations that have endorsed this petition and ad campaign.

In solidarity,
Marcy Winograd, Co-Chair, Peace in Ukraine Coalition

Endorsing Organizations

Defuse Nuclear War Campaign



Progressive Democrats of America, National

Massachusetts Peace Action

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, US

World Beyond War, Global

Extinction Rebellion US- US

International Peace Bureau – Berlin, Germany

Ukrainian Pacifist Movement, Kyiv, Ukraine

Progressive Democrats of America-Foreign Policy Team

Community Organizing Center – Columbus, Ohio

Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security, Cambridge, Na

Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, Santa Fe, NM

DC Peace Team

Veterans For Peace, National

Veterans For Peace, Chapter 23, Rochester, NY

Veterans For Peace Linus Pauling Chapter

Veterans For Peace, St. Louis, Missouri

Veterans For Peace Santa Fe NM Chapter

Veterans For Peace Maine Chapter

Brandywine Peace Community, Philadelphia, PA

Environmentalists Against War

Workers for Peace

Peace & Planet News NY

Women Against Military Madness

Earth Care not Warfare, Seattle, WA

Veterans For Peace Chapter 111, Bellingham, WA

Veterans For Peace, Spokane Chaptere #35, Spokane

Veterans for Peace the Hector Black Chapter, Nashville, TN

Veterans for Peace-Los Angeles

Veterans For Peace, Chapter 113, Hawaii

Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, Garden City, New York

Peace Action of San Mateo County

NH Peace Action, Concord, NH

Peace Action Maine

Peace Action Wisconsin

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action

The Whatcom Peace & Justice Center, Bellingham WA USA

Seattle Anti-War Coalition, Seattle, WA

Peace Praxis – Shenandoah Valley Antiwar Coalition Harrisonburg, Virginia

Seattle Fellowship of Reconciliation, Seattle WA

Women Against War

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Poulsbo, Washington

Pax Christi USA, Washington, DC

Brooklyn for Peace, NY

East Timor Action Network / Portland (OR)

Oregon PeaceWorks – Salem, OR

US Boats to Gaza

Corvallis Divest from War, Corvallis Oregon

League of Revolutionaries for a New America

People’s Party, Michigan

People’s Party of Maine

Kamukunji Paralegal Trust (KAPLET)

Preventnuclearwar- Maryland

Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility

Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice and the Environment

Movement for People’s Democracy

PeaceWorks KC

People’s Party of Maine

Phoenix Antiwar Coalition

Women’s March Santa Barbara

Oregon Peace Institute

The Open Road Foundation, Portland, Oregon

Democratic Socialists of America-Santa Barbara, CA

Stop Nuclear WorkGroup, Portland, OR

Nuclear Abolition Now! Salem, OR

Just World Educational, Virginia