WWIII on the Installment Plan

May 11th, 2023 - by WWIII on the Installment Plan

The Invention of a Wartime Presidency
To Save the Biden Administration
Dennis Kucinich / The Dennis Kucinich Report

(May 4, 2023) — Yesterday’s attempt to attack the Kremlin with a drone strike, supposedly to assassinate Vladimir Putin, is being pinned on Ukraine. But this is a proxy war of the US versus Russia, and no one is fooled. Ukraine is a simply a US pawn and can make no major moves without checking with Washington.

The US has successfully muzzled its energy-starved allies in Europe from even objecting to, let alone investigating the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline.  Europe is stuck with the skyrocketing cost of US supplied replacement fuel.

The destruction of Nord Stream followed well-publicized mock US nuclear strikes targeting Russia and the equally provocative shipment of depleted-uranium munitions transferred to the Ukraine battlefield through our “special relationship” with the British government. The Russian government has publicly warned that the use of such weapons, as were used by the US in Iraq and Syria, will lead to escalation.

The Biden Administration has done everything it could to incite a hot war directly between the US and Russia, sacrificing Ukrainian youth and the majesty of Ukrainian cities.

The drone strike and the depleted uranium transfer are made to look like the West is somehow succeeding in the battle which, for all intents and purposes, will soon come to an end— with a phony declaration of victory of sorts (definitely not for Ukrainians). Then the infernal Enemy Engine will pivot its wrath and venom towards CHINA.

Get ready for a parceling out of some of the manufactured hate that has been reserved for Russia and President Putin — to hate China and President Xi, and to suffer a fully-machinated Red Peril.

One need only to look at the “Down Under” Australian press’ frightful China fear-mongering to know what we in the ‘Up Above’ can expect.  This has been well chronicled by Caitlin Johnstone, whose Substack posts are a must read.

The Biden Administration, having unsuccessfully diminished the Russian economy with its broad sanctions, and having failed to defeat the Russian military, will soon lead us to believe that the same geniuses in Washington, London and Belgium who brought us the war in Ukraine, will somehow succeed in holding in check China, or perhaps even toppling President Xi, through military means.

The depraved thinking that resulted in approximately $140 billion wasted for the war in Ukraine and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers, countenances even greater opportunities in the East.

Witness:  The US has brought Australia, South Korea, Japan into an alliance against China and is pressuring the Philippines and Indonesia to join in as we ship arms to Taiwan. The intent is to bait China, to try to make Taiwan the next Ukraine, while coordinating submarine patrols amidst risible plans to send ships from the EU to patrol the Straits of Taiwan.  If China did something similar in our sphere, Congress would declare war.

The geographically-confused North Atlantic Treaty Organization, (NATO) ever ready to be the US’ wrecking ball, now considers China “a threat to global security.” Remember, China has brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and attempted to do so in Ukraine.

Remember, the US has 800 military bases abroad and China has zero.
Remember, China is holding almost a trillion dollars of US debt.

So, what is this all about?  The White House, which bet on the forbearance of a nuclear-armed Russia, in a conventional proxy war in Ukraine, is similarly counting on the forbearance of nuclear-armed China in a conventional war over Taiwan.  Thus is the horror of unfettered brinkmanship.

NBC News obtained a memo in January where a four-star general instructed his logistical command of nearly 50,000 to get ready for war with China by 2025.  His charges were told to further prepare by getting their “legal affairs” in order and to engage in the calisthenics of war, by firing an ammo clip often at a target and to aim for the head.  Is this just hysterical puffery?

The 2022 National Security Strategy of the United States identified China as the greatest military and economic threat to the United States. Forget that Mr. Biden voted for China trade, NAFTA and the WTO, all which sharply eroded America’s strategic industrial base of steel, automotive, aerospace and shipping and ultimately set the stage for China’s rise as a world power.  Forget that we have shipped high technology to military labs in China – and the Ukraine.

While the US continues its military muscle-flexing globally, incurring rising resentment in its continual challenges to the very idea of national sovereignty, China has focused instead on economic expansion, assisting in economic development throughout the world and strengthening the capacities of nations to support their own interests.  China has played the long game, while US leaders have played the wrong game.

So, with only sanctions as a tool, the US has limited options to respond to China, except for war.

If the Biden Administration continues to ramp up for war against China, it could mean the end, not of China, but of the United States itself.

China and Russia are not natural allies, to say the least.  However, with NATO encroachment, the placement of missiles on Russia’s border, the war in Ukraine, the blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline, the US has pushed Russia into China’s waiting arms.

As a result of the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, together with the saber rattling over Taiwan, we have forced a once unthinkable China-Russia alliance whose combined manufacturing, energy production and offensive capabilities exceed that of the US.

A US war with China will not only bring in Russia on China’s side, but likely India, Brazil, and Iran.  That is, if such a war were “conventional,” meaning not nuclear.  However, the idea of containing such a war to conventional weapons is pure fantasy.

The Biden Administration’s cyclopean foreign policy will be the ruin of us all.

There is not a shred of diplomatic skill exhibited by the Sullivan-Blinken-Nuland troika.  They pull away from treaties.  Engage in continual provocations.  Recklessly spend hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars on military adventures.  It’s escalate, escalate, escalate.   The defense contractors, the war profiteers as FDR rightfully called them, cash in and the rest of us lose.

The average American family has seen nearly $100,000 of its wealth spent on regime change adventures since 2001, with highly negative results for our country and the world.  The US is viewed in many circles as the greatest threat to world peace. Alarmingly and poignantly, the national debt is close to $100,000 per person in America.

While the Biden Administration plans for a hot war with China in 2025, the White House will use cold war psychology now, for the 2024 election season, to scare the bejesus out of even the most pacific US voter.  And, with the help of the American media, which has largely been reduced to a posse of electronic spear carriers, we will be afflicted with every ‘alarm of struggle and flight’ appropriate to cowing Americans into silence and compliance.

President Biden, like President George W. Bush in the Iraq War, will seek to burnish his Commander in Chief status as a war-time president, beginning in the later part of 2023.  Going into 2024, the American people will be told not to change presidents in the middle of a manufactured war.

Unless held in check by the voters, President Biden’s foreign policy handlers are merrily leading America and the world down the path of World War III.  New Hampshire, are you listening?

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