Has the Russia-Ukraine War Gone Nuclear?

May 16th, 2023 - by Buzz Davis / Veterans for Peace – Tucson

DU We Reap What We Sow?
Buzz Davis / Veterans for Peace 

TUCSON, Arizona (May 15, 2023) — The whole issue of DU [weapons made with Depleted Uranium] proves/reinforces the old proverb — “We reap what we sow.” Our weapons — whether used or not — are dangerous to us.  Some items we do not consider weapons are still dangerous to us.

In the first case: Sometimes, stored weapons can go off — from malfunctions, fires, explosions or something else — and still kill us. Things like a kitchen knife we use daily can be a vile weapon in the wrong hands.

A nuclear power plant can be a dangerous weapon to society if some people destroy or force a malfunction of the cooling system — or if Mother Nature does it with an earthquake.

Our men and women of science paid for by governments to create or discover ever-better and more-destructive weapons help governments position themselves as the enemy of their own people.

The use of depleted uranium (DU) to be used in the military was certainly NOT developed by military men and women because they are not smart enough.  Many in power in militaries — in governments and in policy institutes — can dream of wonderful new weapons but today they cannot create, design, and manufactures those dreams or nightmares. Only the men and women of science, with financial support from companies and or governments, can produce these “wonders” of modern science.

We humans use DU to make fancy bullets to kill and destroy better and it works well. And we use it to make armor plate for vehicles such as presidential limousines (I presume), tanks and other armored vehicles that enemies may shoot at and if “enemies” have DU rounds that can kill us.

Regular bullets like from a large 50-caliber heavy machine gun — the kind used in the infantry — attached to the wings of fighter planes, on ships and submarines, etc. are about 5.5 inches long depending upon the purpose [they are] loaded for.

The advantage of a DU round is that it will hit something and the force of the impact drives the bullet into what is hit via the energy in the bullet due to its speed.  The normal bullet just hits penetrates as far as it can, does damage and stops moving when the energy behind it is spent. The DU bullet creates some sort of very high-temperature explosion of the DU once the round hits, say a tank.

That one bullet will then expend all its energy due the momentum of the bullet but now becomes a torch that slices through the heavy metal of a tank like a hot knife slices thru butter.  The DU round can then enter the personnel part of the tank, the heat starting fires that go thru that compartment and continue burning a hole toward the outside of a tank. Very nice, if you are the shooter. If you are in the tank, it is not nice to be burnt to death.

You’re out of luck if you live in the geographical area around that now-burning tank contaminated by radiation floating in the swirling dirt that will last for decades as radiation-contaminated dust dangerous for humans and animals to breathe, eat or drink.

Note: the Veterans Administration (VA) avoids the discussion of what happens to civilians, enemy soldiers, or the environment when DU armor plates are used and release clouds of radioactive uranium that remain in the dust for decades.

Below the VA info is the famous picture of the caravan of military and civilians fleeing Iraq upon the start of President Bush’s illegal, lie-based war to protect us from [nonexistent] Weapons of Mass Destruction. And men like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are never impeached or tried for war crimes.  May they all have a future like General Pinochet of Chile.

How Veterans May Have Been Exposed
Public Health

Some Gulf War, Bosnia, Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND) Veterans may have been exposed to DU when they were: on, in, or near vehicles hit with friendly fire; entering or near burning vehicles; near fires involving DU munitions; or salvaging damaged vehicles.

When a projectile made with DU penetrates a vehicle, small particles of DU can be formed and breathed in or swallowed by service members in the struck vehicle. Small DU fragments can also scatter and become embedded in muscle and soft tissue.

Here is a 2003 article from the Christian Science Monitor:

Remains of Toxic Bullets Litter Iraq
The Monitor finds high levels of radiation
left by US armor-piercing shells

BAGHDAD (May 15, 2003) — At a roadside produce stand on the outskirts of Baghdad, business is brisk for Latifa Khalaf Hamid. Iraqi drivers pull up and snap up fresh bunches of parsley, mint leaves, dill, and onion stalks.

But Ms. Hamid’s stand is just four paces away from a burnt-out Iraqi tank, destroyed by — and contaminated with — controversial American depleted-uranium (DU) bullets. Local children play “throughout the day” on the tank, Hamid says, and on another one across the road.

No one has warned the vendor in the faded, threadbare black gown to keep the toxic and radioactive dust off her produce. The children haven’t been told not to play with the radioactive debris. They gather around as a Geiger counter carried by a visiting reporter starts singing when it nears a DU bullet fragment no bigger than a pencil eraser. It registers nearly 1,000 times normal background radiation levels on the digital readout. The Monitor finds high levels of radiation left by US armor-piercing shells.

Submission by Steven Starr
Munitions Dump Destroyed in Western Ukraine:
Depleted Uranium Blasted into Atmosphere

Russia destroyed a huge munitions dump in western Ukraine yesterday. The detonation was so large that it registered on the Richter scale. “According to the earthquake monitoring system of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, tremors of 3.4 magnitude were felt northwest of Khmelnytskyy at 04.52 Moscow time.”

Apparently a large quantity of British depleted uranium munitions were stored there and were blasted into the atmosphere.

Video of the detonation: https://www.bitchute.com/video/tpFFOfIfckoC/

I am not copying the whole article but simply posting the article, which can be found at this link.

Further Khmelnitsky Depleted Uranium Update
Gleb Georgievich Gerasimov / Substack.com

A clear spike in gamma radiation was detected in Khmelnitsky on or about May 12th, with emissions continuing to rise the following day and remaining at the elevated level thereafter.

Considering how little gamma radiation comes from depleted uranium, this clear spike in gamma radiation in Khmelnitsky indicates that there was very large stockpile of the DU munitions that was destroyed, raising the uranium dust into the air.

By comparison, the towns of Ternopol, Khmilnik, and Novaya Ushitsa remained at their apparent regular, base levels. This indicates that the Khmelnitsky anomaly is indeed a spike and corroborates the claim that the stockpile in Khmelnitsky contained DU munitions. The map viewed is attached as the sixth image.

This British gift will keep on giving.