Hungary to Leave NATO?

May 28th, 2023 - by Magyar Békekör Egyesület / Bekekor

NATO chief Jen Stoltenberg

Hungary’s NATO Membership Can Be Reviewed.
Presentation by Intelligence Officer László Földi
at the Hungarian Community for Peace

Magyar Békekör Egyesület / Békekör

BUDAPEST (May 27, 2023) — Hungary is an illegal member of NATO, since after the termination of the Warsaw Pact, an international agreement was reached that NATO would not expand to the East and would not include the former socialist countries. Hungary’s NATO membership can also be reviewed under international law, said intelligency colonel László Földi, the former chief of operations of the Information Office, at a lecture-discussion held at the Hungarian Peace Circle on Friday evening.

The guest of the Peace Circle expressed the opinion that “Hungary is under threat from the west”. László Földi justified his statement by saying that our NATO allies want to drag Hungary into war, and since the Orbán government is resisting their efforts, they want to put him out of their way.

He called the war the interest of capital and said that our country should strive for neutrality.

When asked if he saw an opportunity for Hungary to become neutral, he answered that according to the current state of things, we cannot leave NATO, because our Western allies would “set an example”, and above all, they would sweep away the legitimate Hungarian government. He was referring to what happened in Kiev in 2014, when pro-Western Ukrainian forces overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine with American assistance. Földi answered yes to the question of whether NATO threatens Hungary’s sovereignty.

“They want to destroy political stability in Hungary,” declared the colonel.

What is your opinion on the position of the Hungarian government regarding Ukraine’s admission to NATO, he was asked. The speaker considered it correct that the government does not support Ukraine’s NATO membership and asked why it leaves the related decision to others.

Russia will not recognize the inclusion of Ukraine in NATO. Moscow intervened militarily precisely to prevent the establishment of a NATO bridgehead against Russia.

The US and NATO planned to topple Putin and install a puppet government in the Kremlin.

Speaking about the relationship between Hungary and the European Union, he said that the withholding of EU funds due to our country is part of the overall Western effort to replace the current government with another government that clearly opposes Russia and abandons its peace policy. Földi called those Western European leaders who served American interests instead of their nation’s interests “traitors.”

“These people are performing a task. They are the people of the force field. They are ready to destroy Europe and allow Europe to become the 51st member state of the USA,” he said. He mentioned that Germany, the leading power of the EU, is still under American tutelage, and that Emmanuel Macron emerged from obscurity and became French president not by the will of society, but by the will of the financial world.

László Földi believed that the conflict in Ukraine would drag on, and in such circumstances everything must be done to prevent Hungarian people from being sent to the slaughterhouse.

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