NATO Plans to Form Strike Force of 300,000 Troops

June 17th, 2023 - by

NATO Will Adopt a Plan for
300,000 Troops on High-alert

MOSCOW (June 14, 2023) — NATO at the summit in Vilnius is likely to approve plans to increase the number of troops in a state of high alert to 300,000, as well as other changes in the military structure, said Secretary General Stoltenberg.

At the NATO summit in Vilnius on July 11-12, a plan to deploy 300,000 will be adopted. Military personnel [will be] in a state of high alert, said the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference.

The Alliance will adopt a plan

to deploy more than 300,000s servicemen with the support of significant air and naval forces, Stoltenberg said (quoted by TASS).

Plans to increase the number of its rapid reaction forces to more than 300 thousand people from 40,000, Stoltenberg said in June 2022. He noted that this will take place within the framework of the implementation of new regional plans.

In May, Stoltenberg said that these plans would be described as a bloc to deter and protect NATO allies from any aggression: they contain precise demands for the transformation of the armed forces, including their deployment.

The Secretary General also announced more Allied exercises, bringing more forces into combat readiness, strengthening the command structure and control in the alliance.

As reported in March, the increase in the number of the military may imply the emergence of two echelons. The first will be 100,000 soldiers ready to be sent within ten days. The second echelon is reinforcements, that is, the military sent for support, they will have to be ready for the transfer within 10-30 days.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais reported in May that the bloc was finalizing a common strategy to counter the threat from Russia and terrorism. This strategy, according to sources of the publication, is changing NATO’s approaches to deploying forces in different regions and responding to threats from Moscow.

NATO Plans 300,000 Force for Showdown with Russia