ACTION ALERT: Stop the War in Sudan

June 22nd, 2023 - by Avaaz

To the UN and Key Governments:
Help End the War in Sudan


(June 19, 2023) — Russia’s Wagner Group, a notorious band of mercenaries, has inserted themselves into Sudan’s brutal war, turning peaceful homes into war-torn battlegrounds and trapping millions of innocent lives in a ceaseless nightmare. Putin’s mercenaries profit from this war by stealing Sudanese resources, and breaking sanctions on Russia. Together, let’s rally to oust these mercenaries from Sudan and help end this war. Avaaz will take this message to the United Nations and the international community. Add your voice for Sudan now!

To the UN and Key Governments Around the World

As citizens from across the world, we urgently call on you to put an end to the atrocities committed by the Wagner Group, not only in Sudan, but also across the globe. This group, linked to Putin, is drastically exacerbating Sudan’s plight. Safeguard the innocent lives in Sudan and take a stand against the Wagner Group by pushing for their designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

Once vibrant Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, now stands desolate and abandoned, a haunting ghost town devoured by an unforgiving warThis war is fueled by the Janjaweed and their allies: the notorious Wagner Group, a Russian private military company purportedly linked to Putin.

The involvement of the Russian Wagner Group in this conflict has accelerated the devastation in Sudan, transforming serene homes into war-ravaged battlegrounds, and trapping millions of innocent lives in an escalating nightmare. The degree of violence unleashed is so horrifying that even humanitarian aid cannot reach those desperately in need, compelling them to risk it all for survival.

We must not stand by and allow the chilling specter of Darfur, a catastrophe that claimed over 200,000 lives and persisted for more than 15 years, to manifest itself again. We cannot bear to witness the recurrence of a tragedy akin to that of Ukraine. Let’s rally to oust these mercenaries from Sudan, and push to designate the Wagner Group as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), standing firm against their reign of terror. When it’s massive we’ll deliver our call straight to the United Nations and key governments.

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It’s not the first time the Wagner Group has bulldozed their way into foreign lands, obliterating peace and sparking violence. Their hands are stained with the blood of innocents, their actions reeking of lawlessness. The Wagner Group has nonchalantly trampled over international law, offering their insidious support to Bashar al-Assad, a war criminal who has shown no mercy to his own people.

Today, Sudan finds itself in their crosshairs. But make no mistake, Sudan won’t be their last target. If we allow them to continue unopposed, who knows which nation will be next? The time for action is now. Millions of Sudanese have been left in a dangerous war zone.

We cannot abandon them. The international community bears the responsibility of ending this war and delivering lifesaving aid to those trapped and displaced. With millions of members around the globe, we have the potential to become the solidarity movement that Sudan so desperately needs.

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When Putin invaded Ukraine last year, over 2 million of us stood against his invasion and backed decisive action against his war machine. Now we need to unite once again for the people of Sudan in their hour of need, to be the wake-up call that can get the international community out of its paralysis. Let’s stand with Sudan! Let’s put an end to the Wagner Group’s crimes around the world.
With hope and determination,

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Abdelrahman, Bieta, Fadi, Mohamad, and the whole Avaaz team.