Comedian Rips Double Standard Citing US “Special Military Operation” in Syria

June 23rd, 2023 - by Donald Smith / ProgressiveMemes

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Donald Smith / ProgressiveMemes

(June 4, 2023) — Check out the YouTube video of Jimmy Dore: US Building ANOTHER Illegal Military Base in Syria.

Jimmy Dore is sort of like a left-wing Rush Limbaugh. But many things he says are accurate. The YouTube video summary says: “Unbeknownst to most Americans, the US military is currently occupying a third of the nation of Syria and, based on recent news, it looks like the US won’t be leaving any time soon.

That’s because the military is reportedly building a new military base in Syria’s northern province of Raqqa.

Dore and comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the US military’s ongoing occupation of Syria and the sheer hypocrisy of doing so while criticizing Russia for invading Ukraine”

Dore shows a video clip of Donald Trump saying about Syria: “We’re keeping the oil. We have the oil. The oil is secure. We left troops behind only for the oil.”

Then he shows a video clip of DOD Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Dana Stroul saying, “The United States still had compelling forms of leverage on the table to shape an outcome that was more conducive and protective of US interests. And we identified four. So the first one was the one-third of Syrian territory that was owned via the US military with its local partner, the Syrian Democratic Forces…. And that one-third of Syria is the resource-rich, economic powerhouse of Syria.”

“The report said there are currently about 24 US-led military sites spread throughout eastern Syria.”

Dore mentions the “crippling economic sanctions” that a Quincy Institute panel also discussed recently. Despite the devastating earthquake.

Interestingly, Dore quotes an article that says, “ISIS also holds no significant territory, and the Syrian government and its allies would continue to fight the remnants of the terror group if the US withdrew.” It’s all confusing. We’re allying with extremist Islamic groups.

Dore mentions that while the Arab countries want to make peace with Syria, the US wants to continue to oppose Syria.

Dore goes too far when he says the US is the “world’s terrorist and whatever you say about Putin, you have to say a thousand [sic] times about the United States. Because that’s how propagandized you are. You think Putin is a worse war criminal than George Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump….. And if you’re for this Ukraine war, you’re a sucker.”

I wouldn’t go so far. But a lot of things Dore says are true. People and the truth aren’t black-and-white.