China-Brazil Accord Brings Windpower to Bahia State

June 25th, 2023 - by Luo Jingjing / Xinhua News

A 180-megawatt wind power project in Brazil has set a milestone for China-Brazil clean energy cooperation while creating economic and social benefits for local communities.

Windpower Project Brings China-Brazil
Clean-energy Cooperation to New Heights
Luo Jingjing / Xinhua News

SALVADOR, Brazil (June 12, 2023) — The 180-megawatt (MW) wind power project of CGN Brazil Energy and Participations S.A. (CGN Brazil) in Tanque Novo, northeast Brazil’s Bahia state, has been officially put into operation recently, setting a new milestone for China-Brazil clean energy cooperation and creating both economic and social benefits for the local community.

“We want and we are pleading for a greater synergy with the investments in the area of science, technology and innovation, so that we can create an environment for Brazil not only importing Chinese technology, but establishing a partnership,” said Jeronimo Rodriguez, governor of the State of Bahia at a ceremony in Salvador celebrating the completion of the Tanque Novo wind power project.

The project is the second greenfield one built by CGN Brazil in the country, with a total installed capacity of 180 megawatts. It encompasses 40 wind turbines, all of which were made in China, and they are the largest of its kind in South America. The project is expected to generate 720 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity annually, which would “light up” 430,000 Brazilian households and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 650,000 tons yearly.

Zhu Qingqiao, Chinese ambassador to Brazil, said that China and Brazil have a promising future in the sector of new energy cooperation. “China is the world’s largest investor in terms of renewable energy as well as the largest manufacturer of clean energy equipment. As Brazil’s new energy resources are among the best in the world, the two sides have a great foundation for cooperation in this regard,” he added.

Andre Martini, chief development officer with CGN Brazil, told Xinhua that he was very confident in the bilateral cooperation. The Tanque Novo project has combined advantages of both countries that established wind turbines on the semi-arid region of the northeast Brazil, created nearly 1,000 jobs, paid taxes and made investment to the locality, and brought advanced technologies and products from China.

“We have a partnership with local communities in terms of social programs throughout the construction of the project. We want to foster local sustainable development that benefits the communities, and we believe that this would be a legacy for future generations that goes beyond energy generation and tax payment,” said Martini.

The “legacy” refers to the New Energy Education Base that CGN Brazil is to build in Tanque Novo, which will focus mainly on windpower sciences, and take into account solar energy and other scientific knowledge. With a planned indoor exhibition area of some 1,000 square meters, the base will consist a new energy science museum, a sand table model display, a physical display area, a video center, and an exhibition hall among others. The base will also organize scientific educational activities with wind-farm technicians going over to give lessons.

Governor Rodriguez said he was pleased to see the construction of the education base, which will ensure the fruits of CGN Brazil’s investment to create direct connection and dialogue with local communities.

According to Ambassador Zhu, the Tanque Novo project and the education base are vivid examples of the transformation and upgrading of the accelerated cooperation between China and Brazil, as well as the innovative practice of Chinese enterprises taking the initiative to fulfill their social responsibilities and integrate into Brazilian society.

E edited by Tian Shenyoujia with Xinhua Silk Road.