Women for Peace Unite to Confront NATO

June 28th, 2023 - by Global Women for Peace United Against NATO

Women for Peace Unite to Confront NATO
Global Women for Peace United Against NATO

(June 27, 2023) — A group of women from some 35 countries have formed a coalition “Global Women for Peace United Against NATO”. Please use the website to take the following steps:

– open for all genders, organisations, movements, groups
– please urge all your fellow peace companions to sign

Please check out the program then register to join in person or online.

Preparing for Protests on July 11-12
Global Women for Peace United Against NATO

BRUSSELS (June 27, 2023) — As NATO prepares for its upcoming summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, on July 11th and 12th, the peace movement is organizing internationally. We are organising protests — and as well as saying No to NATO, we are saying Yes to peace, presenting alternatives to war, and a new vision of security.

In March, many women got together online, from across the world, to present an action plan: to ensure women’s mobilization on this crucial issue. We call ourselves Global Women for Peace United Against NATO and we have produced a Declaration for Peace, outlining our message of peace, justice, solidarity, and common security.

As part of the international protests, we are organizing a programme of events in Brussels, home of the NATO headquarters. This will take place from July 6th to 9th; there will be meetings, debates, seminars, and street actions — and much of it will be available online as well as in person. Find the programme on the tab above.

Please join us however you can — and help us expand participation, especially from those living in NATO states, or in NATO ‘partner’ countries. The events are women-led but we welcome all who are against NATO to participate.

The Declaration, together with the names and affiliations of the first signatories can be found on this page. Click on the tab above to find the Declaration translated into many languages. More are being added all the time.

The Declaration and list of signatories will be sent to the NATO headquarters, NATO members and partners, and their parliaments, together with the EU Commission and members of the European Parliament. We will make sure our voices are heard — our voices for peace and justice.

ACTION: Will you join us? Will you sign now?
Let’s build this movement for peace together!

Declaration for Peace
Women Against NATO

We are women from across the world, who deeply love our planet. We cherish the universal principles of equality, justice and peace affirmed by the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; we fight for the affirmation of the rights of women and peoples, against all forms of violence, exploitation and discrimination.

For decades, we have been engaged in the search for global peace, for a new world order that abolishes war. We recognise the role that capitalism plays in generating militarism and war, and we want a new, non-militarized security, to ensure the life and health of present and future generations of all on this planet — and of the planet itself.

Our aspiration for peace is today threatened by the escalating arms race and the risk of nuclear war, the strengthening of military alliances and the militarisation of international relations. All this risks leading humanity to catastrophe. NATO’s decisions since 1991 have in large part been responsible for this developing global confrontation. The latest stage in this policy process is the so-called New Strategic Concept, agreed at the last NATO heads of state summit in Madrid in 2022.

The New Strategic Concept continues to establish roles and tasks that go far beyond NATO’s original ‘defensive’ purposes, replacing functions and tasks which are the sole responsibility of the United Nations. The increasingly global NATO, acting in the interests of the wealthy nations of the ‘West’, has extended its activities to the Pacific. It seeks to impose a ‘model of civilization’ well beyond the Euro-Atlantic area of the original Treaty.

The New Strategic Concept is completely at odds with the ‘Helsinki spirit’ that seeks peaceful cooperation between states and the rejection of threat or use of force.

This offensive reconfiguration of NATO is in stark contrast with the constitutional principles of many of the member states. Often approved without the consent of national parliaments, it is also at odds with the manifest desire for peace of so many of the peoples of the NATO states. While many face a severe cost of living crisis, governments are required by NATO to raise military spending even beyond 2% of GDP, to meet the ongoing frenzied rearmament.

This is often accompanied by increasing authoritarianism, and the re-emergence of neo-fascist, nationalist, xenophobic and sexist ideologies, encouraged by an increasingly militarised culture.

The next NATO heads of state summit takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 11 and 12 July. The New Strategic Concept will be further elaborated, increasing global danger and there will be demands for further increases in military spending. A special investment fund of 1 billion euros will be set up, paid for by public money for start-ups and technological renewal; this will openly encourage the mixing of scientific education and training for young people with military research.

The Vilnius summit will also advance a new ‘gender approach’, encouraging the promotion of female figures to top roles within NATO.

As women of peace, we reject NATO and its world view. It foments instability and exacerbates international conflict. It is irreconcilable with our principle of taking care of the world — a principle that we strive to affirm globally.

The time of colonialism and imperialism has passed. The time of the West’s claim to unipolar domination and ‘moral supremacy’ is over. Today we welcome a new multipolar world order based on shared decisions, on social and environmental justice, on the sharing of resources and technologies, on the transition to zero military arsenals. This is what we women said at the Madrid Peace Summit last year. We will reaffirm this on the occasion of the NATO Summit in Vilnius 2023.

What Do We Want?
We will meet in Brussels, home of
the NATO headquarters, to say:

  • NO to global NATO, No to increasingly militarised blocs, No to war as a way of settling international disputes.
  • No to the militarization of scientific research. The younger generation has the right to a secular and democratic education, inspired by the values of peaceful coexistence between peoples and states.
  • No to the involvement of women in patriarchy’s war plans. No to any ‘gender approach’ in NATO. Putting women in top roles in a warmongering military organization will do nothing to promote the principles of equality, justice and peace that underlie women’s struggles for freedom.

Instead, we say Yes, to respecting the authentic intentions of UN resolution 1325 on the participation of women in peace negotiations and processes.

We plan to talk about all this in Brussels. We will host an open discussion on 7 and 8 July 2023, and we invite women from all over the world to join us – whether from NATO member countries or not. We welcome all those who share these goals with us — to speak out for peace, life and women’s liberation.

NATO’s “Inclusive” Program
Envisions Women as Combat Soldiers