2024: 25 Years Since NATO Attacked Yugoslavia

July 5th, 2023 - by Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals

25 Years Since NATO’s Attack on Yugoslavia
Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals

BELGRADE, Serbia (July 2, 2023) — March 24, 2024, will see the 25th anniversary since the beginning of unlawful, criminal and illegitimate aggression that NATO launched against Yugoslavia (the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the FRY), thus propelling the first post-WWII war on European soil.

In doing so, NATO trampled on the fundamental principles of international law, the United Nations Charter, the OSCE’s Helsinki Final Act (1975) and the UN Security Council’s role as the sole global body competent for making decisions in the matters of peace and security.

As of 2000, the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals has been organizing its annual commemorative and analytical-scientific events, dedicated to the memory of the many lives this aggression took, and to elaborating its geopolitical goals and consequences in the Balkans, Europe, and beyond.

As acknowledged by both the USA and NATO, the aggression against the FRY constituted a precedent for the ensuing armed interventions. The US and NATO incursions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere followed suit in furthering unlawful use of force in international relations, paved the way for an arms race and ushered in a global instability, the repercussions of which have been suffered by Europe and the world to present day.

Kindly be informed that the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, the Club of Generals and Admirals of Serbia, the Union of Associations of National Liberation Wars of Serbia (SUBNOR), the Diaspora Fund for Motherland, the Society of Serbian Hosts, together with many more independent, non-partisan associations, are going to mark the 25th anniversary since the beginning of NATO aggression, that will take place in Belgrade from March 22-24, 2024.

The program of this manifestation will be of international character, and attended by our proven friends from abroad.

Stay in touch to be kept regularly informed about preparations and details of the program.