“From Sea to Singeing Sea”

July 5th, 2023 - by Bill Berkowitz / Daily Kos Community

“From Sea to Singeing Sea”
Bill Berkowitz / Daily Kos Community

I. In a time of maximum disruption
Supreme Court corruption
In this state of unsettling thoughts
Something bought, nothing wrought

In a period of uncertainty
Searching externally
In this time of book banning
Whitewashing history

Police violence why
H. Rap Brown called it as American as cherry pie
In this time of storytelling
Speculatively compelling

Camus penned the Myth of Sisyphus
Marx called it capitalist surplus
Sorrowful obituaries
Ellsberg the visionary

Dark money election stealers
America’s wheelers and dealers
Competing narratives of politics and art
Conspiratorial declarations tear us apart|
From sea to singeing sea

II. Ignoring the totality
Of unchartered reality
Abortion be banned
Women be damned

Disenfranchised displaced
No end to the race
Deep layers of traum
Misunderstood drama

Of thee I sing
May freedom ring
Loneliness is an oft-used theme
Turned into a daily meme

No waiting no crying no dish washing dreams
Little itsy bitsy silly-ass schemes
From sea to singeing sea

Contradictions gleaming
Searching for meaning
Spacious skies amber waves of grain
Can’t hide the searing pain

Linguistic wordplay}
Can’t save the day
Political disaster
Unhinged LGBTQ harassers

Purple mountains majesty
Can’t hide the travesty
Above and below the fruited plain
From sea to singeing sea