Three Very Troubling Signs Leading to WWIII

July 16th, 2023 - by Bob Anderson / Stop the War Machine

Three Steps Taken to Prepare to Attack Russia,
and Perhaps China —  Leading to World War III
Bob Anderson / Stop the War Machine

(July 13, 2023) — Today three items of troubling military deployment and movements have come to light.  Individually they are routine but in the context of Biden having lost the war in Ukraine by not having won already he appears to be planning some kind of a land assault on Russia from the west combined with aerial bombing in the east, maybe on North Korea also.  This would bring China into war too.

The timing of all this resembles the situation in 1964 when a Democratic president (LBJ) was in an election campaign against a Republican (Barry Goldwater) who was a serious challenger.  Johnson then staged the fake Gulf of Tonkin attack to launch what we came to call the Vietnam War (which had been going on for ten years already, just like the war in Ukraine has been for the past ten years or more).  He won the election as a war president.

Biden it appears is doing the same thing (Wag the Dog).  Remember we lost the war on that underdeveloped country after great loss of life.  A war in the nuclear age will have no winners. The plutocrats and war profiteers seem to think a nuclear war is winnable.  The media is a partner in making war, hiding things of concern like this from the public.

We at the grassroots must do all we can to stop Biden from further war moves.  He should be pursing a settlement in Ukraine along with spending all that war money on the American people and climate change action.

Below are 3 items of concern (and there are probably many more actions/mobilizations that we have not seen yet):

President Joe Biden today issued an executive order approving the mobilization of select reserve forces with up to 3,000 personnel, augmenting the armed forces in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

According to Larry Johnson in the interview below (statement made beginning at the 20:44 mark), three days before the NATO meeting in Lithuania, Biden — in a secret meeting with military national security advisors — made the decision to send 3 US armored brigades (15,000 men) to undisclosed locations in Poland and Lithuania (this is in addition to the 3,000 reservists activated to go to Europe to provide reinforcements for Operation European Resolve, which is directed against Russia).

In this meeting, it was also decided to move US B-52 bombers from North Carolina to Alaska, so that they could be closer to Russia.

Johnson says that the US and NATO are acting on the mistaken belief that Russia is weak and cowardly, and that this will result in some military disaster for the West in the coming weeks.

Army Units Mobilize to White Sands Missile Range
For Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise 

FOR RELEASE July 14, 2023. No. 23-07-001
WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, NM (July 14, 2023) – Demonstrating their rapid deployment capabilities, various Army units across the continental United States quickly assembled at the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, from July 9-14 to participate in an emergency deployment readiness exercise.

This exercise evaluates the units’ ability to deploy quickly and efficiently, ensuring the US Army’s preparedness for global operations.

The units alerted and deployed included Task Force 51, US Army North’s contingency command post, stationed at Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston, and three 16th Military Police Brigade subordinate units: the 519th Military Police Battalion stationed at Fort Johnson, Louisiana, the 511th Military Police Company from Fort Drum, New York, and the 549th Military Police Company from Fort Stewart, Georgia.

As part of the exercise, the units deployed from their respective home stations showcased the Army’s capability to mobilize forces from multiple locations and integrate at a designated training site.

“These units are always ready, and this exercise assesses their ability to rapidly respond to our nation’s needs,” said Col. Will Freds, US Army North’s Task Force 51 Chief of Staff. “By deploying from their home stations, we can evaluate their mission to leverage their capabilities against any adversary quickly and seamlessly.”

White Sands Missile Range simulated a realistic and challenging operational environment to conduct the EDRE. Deploying to a remote location away from the unit’s home-station training area allows the Army to evaluate deployment processes and consider potential improvements to force projection capabilities.

“The EDRE enables us to validate our deployment procedures and ensure that we can rapidly deliver combat power to distant locations when called upon,” emphasized Maj. Brian Casey, 519th Military Police Battalion’s Operations Officer. “Additionally, it allows headquarters staff at various levels and locations to train in planning, coordinating, and executing large unit movements within condensed timelines.”

Traditionally, units that are alerted for an EDRE deploy within 96 hours. This minimal to no-notice mission allows the Army to evaluate its capability to rapidly alert, consolidate, and prepare for deployment under emergencies. The units remain deployed until they accomplish their training objectives.

“This is an incredible opportunity to leverage homeland defense capabilities, sustain continuous operations, and coordinate integrated activities across multiple echelons,” highlighted Capt. Sarah Soliven, 549th Military Police Company commander. “The Soldiers are learning invaluable leadership lessons and are performing exceptionally to build enduring advantages for the future.”

The US Army sends a clear message of its commitment to rapid deployment, force projection, and global readiness through this emergency deployment readiness exercise. By continuously refining and validating its capabilities, the Army ensures it can swiftly respond to any contingency and fulfill its mission to defend the nation’s interests at home and abroad.