ACTION ALERT: Block GOP Call for War In Mexico

August 17th, 2023 - by Romario Brown / The Daily Kos

Reject Republican War Rhetoric Aimed at Mexico
Romario Brown / The Daily Kos

(August 16, 2023) — In a disturbing, and under the radar, development, launching military action inside Mexico, ostensibly to combat drug cartels, has quickly gained traction within the Republican Party.

Members of the GOP, such as Sens. Tom Cotton and Lindsey Graham, have gone so far as to introduce a bill to authorize military force inside Mexico. Leading Republican candidates for president, including Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, have threatened, or even endorsed, the idea of military intervention.

In early 2023, Congressmen Dan Crenshaw and Mike Waltz introduced the “AUMF Cartel Influence Resolution,” legislation that would empower the president to use “all necessary and appropriate force” against foreign entities involved in drug-related offenses.

Foreign entities would include Mexican criminal networks such as the Sinaloa and Gulf cartels. It is a breathtakingly broad authorization that could lead to missile strikes, or even an invasion and occupation of parts of Mexico.

While some may dismiss this as mere posturing, many of us remember all too well how the idea of going to war can quickly gain steam both in Washington, DC, and among the broader public. It is far more difficult to stop military operations once they start than it is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

The U.S. should focus on improving bilateral cooperation with Mexico and other international partners. We must reject this reckless war rhetoric and advocate for a more thoughtful, compassionate, and cooperative approach to our relationship with Mexico. We must elect leaders who understand that Mexico is America’s partner, not America’s enemy.

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Reject Republican War Rhetoric against Mexico

Republicans are pushing for a dangerous approach to the U.S. war on drugs, including military action against drug cartels in Mexico. A bill known as the “AUMF Cartel Influence Resolution” could lead to missile strikes or even an invasion of Mexico.

This proposal is not only illegal under international law but also risks straining U.S.-Mexico relations. Military interventions have failed in the past, and the solution to the drug problem must be found within our borders.
We must reject this reckless rhetoric and advocate for cooperation with Mexico.

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Say no to war with Mexico – choose compassion and cooperation.