Col. MacGregor Explains Why The Ukraine War Must End Now

August 22nd, 2023 - by Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge

“If We Press This With Russia,
It Will Reach Us Here In The US”
Tyler Durden / ZeroHedge

(August 21, 2023) — Tucker Carlson on Monday published an interview with former Trump administration official Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret.), who explained why the war in Ukraine has put the United States on the brink of a ‘catastrophic war that could easily destroy us.’

Carlson begins with a bold statement: “pretty much everything that NBC and The New York Times have told you about the war in Ukraine is a lie.”

‘The Russian army is incompetent’ — they claim. ‘Ukraine is a Democracy!’ ‘Vladimir Putin is Hitler and he’s trying to take over the world!’ ‘Thankfully, the Ukrainians are winning.’

“Every claim is false, the last one especially,” said Carlson, adding “the Ukrainian army is not winning — in fact, it’s losing badly.Ukraine is being destroyed. Its population is being slaughtered.”

“Most American know nothing about Ukraine,” Macgregor continued, adding that “if they knew anything about the history of Eastern Europe, they would all say ‘get out!’... because the wars and the blood and the hatred that’s been fought over for centuries is something we can’t sort out.”

Macgregor’s comments grow more ominous in their tone as the discussion continues.

He notes that President Biden has enabled ‘combat pay’ which implies there are American forces on the ground in Ukraine.

“It would be a mistake to think that the Russian forces do not know where they are,” the retired colonel explains, pointing out that the Russians are sending a message with recent precision missile strikes near the borders of Poland and Moldova:
“if you think you can hide from us, if you come in here, if you cross these borders, we will annihilate you.”

We need to come to terms with these realities because we can’t defeat it,” he remarked reflecting on the fact that people have called him ‘unpatriotic’ for his comments.

He summed the situation in Ukraine up rather succinctly:
“if we press this war with Russia in Central East Europe, it will reach us here in the United States.”

According to Macgregor, “The smartest thing we can do is end this war now,” adding “The Russians will never tolerate NATO forces on Ukrainian soil.”

“Ukrainian forces are in piecemeal fashion, surrendering to the Russians, not because they don’t want to fight; it’s because they can’t fight anymore, they have so many wounded they can’t evacuate them …  we’re going to see this army that we have spent so heavily on, melt away.”

When it comes to the equipment being used to fight, MacGregor said that “a lot of the equipment we sent over there is quite frankly, obsolete… its very old, it’s not new.”

“Integrated air defenses will knock virtually everything that flies out of the sky,” he said, adding “We will then fall back on a nuclear deterrent — a tactical nuclear weapon that says ‘if you keep advancing, we’ll have to use a nuclear weapon.’ We don’t want to go there, because the notion that there are so-called tactical nukes ‘oh, it’s just a little nuke, so that won’t precipitate a nuclear war’ — the use of any nuclear weapon is going to precipitate an escalation very rapidly,” he said.

Carlson ends by asking Macgregor about the “leftist American man dressed as a woman” that is now the mouthpiece of Ukraine who claimed “Vlad Putin is a vampire bathing in the blood of Ukrainian children.

Macgregor asks “is that a transgender man?” To which Carlson replies, “yes, that’s a guy with fake breasts.”

Macgregor retorts: “well I think everything else is fake too… this war is a catastrophe… the people bathing blood are in Kiev and Washington.”

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