Ukraine’s Counter-offensive Has Failed

August 27th, 2023 - by Glenn Greenwald / Rumble & ScheerPost

Ukraine’s Counter-offensive Has Failed
— It’s Time to Reevaluate
Glenn Greenwald / Rumble & ScheerPost

(August 26, 2023) — There is no question that the war in Ukraine has radically changed. Even Western media outlets that have been steadfastly cheerleading for this war — and, indeed, even Ukrainians themselves — are now admitting what battlefield realities dispositively prove. The much-vaunted Ukrainian counter-offensive — the imminent dramatic event we were assured for months would be transformative in finally giving Ukraine the upper hand and dislodging entrenched Russian positions inside Ukraine: a claim that doubled as a propaganda tool to assuage a growingly restless Western population about their endless support for this war — is now, no matter how you slice it, a failure.

After months of multi-pronged attacks, Ukraine’s gains are so minimal and trivial as to be barely worth noting. Russia continues to occupy a very significant chunk of both Eastern and southern Ukraine, along with Crimea, which they have held since 2014. Even Western intelligence reports acknowledge that the Russians’ defensive positions are more fortified and entrenched than any seen in decades. The US has already depleted its own stockpiles of artillery and other vital weapons and simply does not have to give Ukraine what they need to have any hope of changing this situation in anything resembling the near- or the short-term future.

What makes all of this vastly worse is that the cost to Ukrainians in their lives is staggeringly high. Consider just this one harrowing data point: more Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in the first 18 months of this war than the number of American soldiers killed during the decade-plus war in Vietnam.

The Ukrainian men who were eager to fight and who volunteered to do so have long ago been used up — killed, maimed, or exhausted. Zelensky’s only option for continuing combat is to increase domestic repression, impose greater and greater punishment for desertion, and use harsher and harsher means to force those unwilling to fight to do so against their will.

In so many ways, this conflict resembles some of the worst horrors of World War I, including the need to put unwilling men who do not want to fight the deeply grim choice of either offering themselves up as cannon fodder or facing unimaginably harsh punishments by a government completely unconstrained by basic considerations of human rights or legal process, operating under full-scale martial law.

At this point, debates over who is to blame for this war barely matter. All that does matter is the question of how this will end, and who will end it. It is simply becoming unsustainable — politically, economically, and morally — to justify having Western nations pour their resources into fueling and continuing this war that Ukraine has less and less chance of winning.

At the start of the war, many who claim that the real goal of the US was not to save Ukraine and Ukrainians but rather to destroy them — at the altar of their geostrategic goal of weakening Russia — were accused of being callous and conspiratorial. Now, there is little reasonable space to contest that they were right all along.

Joe Biden just asked for another $25 billion to keep this war going — as he offered $700 checks per household to the victims of the Maui fire and as profits for the European arms industry reach such record heights that they do not even bother to conceal their glee. Even if you were someone who supported the US role in Ukraine back in February of 2022 with the best of intentions — namely, you wanted to help a country seeing to avoid Russian domination — the failed nature of this mission has to compel a re-evaluation of perspective and policy.

The last thing this war is doing is protecting Ukraine and Ukrainians. It is destroying both of those while imposing suffering among everyone in the US and Western countries other than a tiny sliver of arms dealers and intelligence agencies. In other words, the war in Ukraine is following exactly the same pattern as every other US war fought over the last 50 years.



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