ACTION ALERT: Cancel the Toronto Air Show

August 28th, 2023 - by World BEYOND War

ACTION ALERT: Cancel the Toronto Air Show
World BEYOND War

CANADA (August 23, 2023) — The Toronto air show is once again planning to descend on our city from September 2-4. The air show is blatant advertising for militarism, war, and violence, it re-traumatizes victims of war, and its deafening noise disturbs residents across the city over the long Labour Day weekend.

Last year’s air show served as literal paid advertising for Lockheed Martin, a key sponsor and the largest weapons producer in the world. From Ukraine to Yemen, from Palestine to Colombia, from Somalia to Syria, from Afghanistan and West Papua to Ethiopia, no one profits more from war and bloodshed than Lockheed Martin.

This show is one way they’ve been trying to sell the Canadian public on their fighter jet — the contentious F35 that Canada is planning to purchase. It will be the most deafening of all the jets over Toronto this weekend.

The air show is incredibly re-traumatizing to the thousands of Torontonians who fled war zones, many bombed by the CF-18s and F-35s that are flying over Toronto during the air show. What a horrific welcome to the refugees arriving in our city right now.

The air show’s ear-splitting noise is incredibly disruptive, and the greenhouse gas emissions of the jets are through the roof. These are war planes designed to kill people. They shouldn’t be for entertainment.

ACTION: Learn more and — if you’re from Toronto — contact the city council here.

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