The Signs Are Clear: The Sixth Extinction Is Near

September 2nd, 2023 - by Jan Slort / Medium

Our Culture Will Collapse By 2030
Jan Slort / Medium

(July 1, 2023) — In 1972 the Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did a study of our resources, rate of growth and cultural factors and published it in a book titled Limits to Growth. In it they predicted our culture would “crash” by around 2030 if we failed to make drastic changes.

The data has been tracked, up to last year and found that the 1970 predictions to be on track and accurate. We are exhausting our finite resources, creating atmospheric pollution that will result in global warming that will melt our polar ice caps.

Our sea levels will rise by six to ten feet by 2100. Heat and air pollution are causing a 3rd extinction of 70% of the plants and 90% of the animals. We have exceeded the population we can sustain by 3 to 5 billion people.

We consume 102 million barrels of oil, 3 million tons of coal and 5 billion Cu. ft. of Natural gas every day. Our atmosphere contains two times the carbon (418 PPM) it had for the last 10,000 years, that will remain for at least 200 years if we don’t reduce it.

In 1938, when I was born, the world population was about 2.8 billion people. Today there are 9 billion, so we have tripled our population in 85 years.

We must sustain the level of energy we are producing and the rate of consumption to provide for our existing population. This will of course, produce the same level of pollution that is killing our planet.

The rate of growth of our pollution-free renewables will take another 80 years to replace the fossil fuels. The truly alarming thing is we are now 7 years from doomsday and the people in charge of our world aren’t doing anything about it. Why is that?

Today I got my answer. The US is going to try to block a small % of the sun by spreading powder in the stratosphere like when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. YAY!

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