Dear 60 Minutes: Pamphleteering for the Pentagon

September 26th, 2023 - by Marcy Winograd / Peace in Ukraine Coalition

Dear 60 Minutes: The Manufacture of Consent
Marcy Winograd / Peace in Ukraine Coalition

(September 25, 2023) — In light of your report last night glorifying war and military solutions, I ask that you please consider offering a counter-segment to last night’s segment that could have been scripted by the Pentagon, complete with an embedded reporter in the Ukrainian military.

The longer the war drags on, the greater the risk of escalation leading to global famine, environmental devastation and nuclear catastrophe.

Instead of examining options for diplomacy, ceasefire and negotiations to promote peace, your reporter endorsed further weaponization of the conflict absent any discussion of the alternatives to war for either Russia or Ukraine.

It was almost as if the Pentagon turned to you and said, “Help us out here. The majority of those surveyed by CNN oppose further funding of the war in Ukraine. Opposition may be fueled by a belief that the war, as reported by CBS a while back, is opening up an underground market for weapons that never make it to the front lines.

Bring this up and interview a Ukrainian woman who can convince the public every weapon is being tracked and the US should continue to fund weapons for the war.

Please do better. We deserve better.

Marcy Winograd, Co-Chair, Peace in Ukraine Coalition, Santa Barbara, CA

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