ACTION ALERT: Urge Biden to Protect Climate Not New Fossil Fuel Projects

November 26th, 2023 - by Presente and ActionNetwork

The world’s largest LNG-powered container ship.

ACTION ALERT: Tell Pres. Biden to
Promote Climate Resilience, Not Fossil Fuels!
Presente and ActionNetwork

(November 24, 2023) — While a frenzy of Black Friday deals sweep the nation, we’re reaching out with an urgent call to action. President Biden and Secretary of Energy Granholm are on the brink of approving a massive gas export project on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana called CP2 LNG. This proposed liquefied “natural” gas (LNG) terminal would be the largest volume of LNG, or liquefied methane gas, ever approved for export.1

TAKE ACTION: Stop this massive fossil fuel infrastructure project! 

US on track to be the world’s largest LNG exporter by 2024.

CP2 is the largest LNG export project ever considered. If this colossal fossil fuel infrastructure project is approved and fully built, CP2 would unleash 20 times the annual emissions from burning the oil produced at the Willow drilling project in Alaska, and would be equivalent to the emissions from more than 42 million gas-powered cars or 51 coal-fired power plants.2


Tell the Biden Administration:
Stop this dirty and dangerous LNG export facility 

CP2 and similar LNG facilities harm Gulf Coast communities, drive up energy prices, enrich fossil fuel CEOs, and push our climate closer to collapse. Too often, these polluting projects target communities already burdened by heavy industry and on the frontlines of climate change catastrophes.3

The thought of the Biden Administration moving forward with approving more fossil fuel infrastructure adjacent to communities that have been battling the worst impacts of the climate crisis is tragic and unacceptable.

We know full well that Black, Latine, indigenous, migrant, and families of color will experience the worst effects of climate change and it’s time to take action.4 If CP2 is approved, greenhouse gas emissions will skyrocket, worsening air pollution, and threatening the health and safety of residents.5

Your leadership is critical to ensure President Biden and Secretary Granholm stop CP2 and prevent the further build-out of risky gas export facilities on the Gulf Coast.

Add your voice for climate justice: It’s time to halt the expansion of the fossil fuel industry and prioritize communities and clean renewable energy.


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